May 28, 2013

Charlie Does Kitchen Duty

Shopping for a new dishwasher requires searching for the best deal and, of course, looking  for the all important 5 Star rating.  

Now, we realize we could have saved a lot of time and money.  You see, we've discovered that Charlie has a 6 Star rating.

Prior to the dishes arriving back in the kitchen, Charlie has already done a fair amount of work.  There are important details to the dining ritual in our house. While we're eating, Charlie patiently sits by us at the table. He never nudges or puts his paw on us. 

Charlie considers it his obligation to stay close by in case we are careless and drop any food on the floor.  After all, keeping the house neat and tidy is a dog's duty.

Another fine quality about our handy household helper is ... Charlie has advised Katie and any nearby felines that they don't need to help with the work.  He has it covered.

Charlie is just the most polite dog, ever. 

Besides putting his heart and soul into his job, he is a perfectionist. There is not a speck left on the dishes after he completes his pre-wash cycle.

Yep, that Charlie sure is a 6 Star dishwasher boy.

May 12, 2013

Sunday Stills: White

O Angels, hover always
About this garden spot!
Help me to share life's blossoms
With those who have them not!
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Strawberry Lane

May 8, 2013

Happy Birthday, Royal !

Royal – 15th Birthday

The love of my heart,
The joy of my life
Happy Birthday,
Sweet Royal.

Each day with you
Is truly ...

Love, Mom