June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day !

We're out the door with our perfect dad
for a fun day on the water.
We're heading to Dana Point Harbor
and what a beautiful day!
We'll add photos when we get back!
To all of you!
Have a wonderful Father's day!

June 11, 2008

Charlie Goes Shopping

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Dad said that I'd been such a good boy
he'd take me shopping and that
I could
pick out any toy I wanted !

We looked at the toys on both sides
of the aisle and on every shelf.

I knew right away which one I wanted.
See that Hula Girl on the floor?
That's for me !

Dad said to check all the toys ...
'cuz I could only get one.

But it was the Hula Girl.
I was sure!

I gave her the road test ...
even twirled her around a few times.

Yep ... she's the one !

So it was off to the checkout counter.
Dad said I could even pay
for my new girlfriend, myself.
When the other lady finished,
I walked right up to the counter
holding tight to my new Hula Girl!
What a great day !