May 22, 2008

Meet Charlie

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Now really,
who could resist this face?

It is for sure we weren't planning on a semi-puppy and definitely not a male.

So how did this adorable creature arrive in our household, to run races down the hallway, surf the countertops, keep us busy throwing tennis balls, not to mention early morning hikes that last for hours?

We had done the puppy thing years ago when our kids were small and we could toss the whole bunch of them, dog and all, outside to run off their energy.

But now, we had become accustomed to the quiet, gentle manners of our sweet Kayla.

When she returned to Heaven, we cried our eyes out. The house had a strange feeling about it without her sweet face to welcome us home. She was a happy girl with a big smile.

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We knew that a home is not a home without a Golden girl in front of the fireplace or at our feet.

So, we contacted our friend at the Golden Retriever Rescue of Los Angles. She had found Kayla for us years, ago. I asked her to find us a mature girl that could warm our hearts and dry our eyes ... one that was calm and experienced in the manners department, like Kayla.

I spent morning, noon and night on the rescue website looking at all the dogs that needed homes, each one irrestible in their own way, but requiring a particular family. Some needed children, some a swimming pool, (got that right) and some just wanted to spend their days resting on the couch.

Carole told me to be patient, that the right girl would eventually come along.

It was late one night when I clicked the rescue site, again. And there was that face ... a young dog or older puppy, whatever, it's all the same ... and it was a male. I grabbed the phone, called my friend and said, I must see that dog!

Carole said ... but, that's not what you are looking for.

Eight o'clock the next morning we were at the kennel hugging the most adorable big boy I'd ever seen.

Since he was so incredibly handsome and had been found wandering the streets of Los Angeles, I called him the "down and out in Beverly Hills", kid.

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After signing the official adoption papers, Charlie was on the way home and our new life began. We were about to be owned by another Golden Retriever.


We were soon off to the dog park ...

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Charlie carefully looked over
his potential romping friends.

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And the race was on ...

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He enthusiastically gave each new toy
his undivided attention.
He figured anything went in this household,
considering what the cats did to the chair.

This place was great!

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Charlie's favorite toy was ...
a Canada goose.

(humm... just like the ones in the
backyard that are just for viewing)

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Yep ... Charlie was liking it here!

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It felt ... just like home.


Charlie is a keeper ... he makes us feel young.

I can highly recommend this form of exercise. It keeps you healthy, saves on those membership fees at the gym and it sure makes you happy.

And ... while I'm at it, let me say that nothing warms the heart more than giving a warm hearth to a homeless dog.

Try it! You'll love every minute you look into their eyes. They are always saying ... thank you.

May 20, 2008

How lovely ... a blog award.

What a delightful surprise to receive this award from Grey Horse Matters, a wonderful place to go for an enjoyable read with important information for everyone that loves and cares about their horses.

And many thanks to Every Rider, who honored me with this award over at my other site, Simply Marvelous. What a thrill Every Rider gave to us by showing a video delivery of the handsome new foal, Riley.

Passing On The Award:
I'd really like to pass this Award on to all the wonderful people who write such interesting blogs. However, I shall restrict myself to three. I send this Award to:

Turkey Creek Lane:
This is a place filled with inspiration and wonderful photographs. Jolynna is an animal lover who seems to do everything with ease, whether it is cooking, gardening or capturing photos of the fascinating life that surrounds her.

Mud Ranch:
It's a wonderful place to visit, filled with stories about horses, Hereford cattle, sheep, dogs and one very adorable baby. With terrific photography, this a captivating place to hang out.

ProPhoto By Lori:
This is the place for some incredible photography, whether it be horses, wild life, nature or the happenings around the farm. And you can always know ... at Lori's place there is always something happening. A great place to visit.

Thanks to all of you for inviting us into your lives
and making this world a more interesting place.

May 11, 2008

Little Coco Creates Big Excitement

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Little Coco

At the Equestrian Center where we are surrounded
by the big horses ... the 17-18 hand warmbloods,
the Friesians with their thundering hooves,
... all was quiet at the far end of the barn.

People were whispering,
children were standing on feed buckets
straining to see over the stall door.

This was an event.

We'd waited far too long, or so we thought.

But a few days ago,
bright and early in the morning
a tiny miniature foal finally arrived
into our world.

Interesting how this little thing
has stolen the show from the big boys.

He's a cute one!

May 4, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday To The Girls!




It seems like only yesterday
that they were babes in my arms.

How did time pass so quickly,
before they packed up their things
and moved out on their own?

It's so difficult to be a mother
and have to let your babies go.

To think it was only a year ago ...
but first I must explain.

You remember sweet Alberta,
my helper and garden companion ...

the one that followed me inside
should I leave the door open...

the one that was always at my side.
... a mommy's girl.


Sadly, the day arrived
when she was no longer my shadow.
She said her good-bye
and became a very special memory.


I could not imagine life without a Canada Goose. Since growing up in the Midwest, I've had a love of their musical honking and the glorious sight of them as they filled the skies.

Little did I know that someday I would find out what wonderful pets they make, what unique personalities they have and how they bond with people ... almost like a dog.
Then we had the chance to adopt a Canada Goose that was homeless, I didn't know what to expect. But I never imagined that Alberta would become the love of my life.

And now, with no Canada Goose to keep me company while I trimmed the roses, the search to find another became an urgent matter.

The Canada Goose Chase

I searched for breeders nearby, then the entire state of Califonia, and eventually the entire United States. But no breeders were found.

Finally, I located a large Commercial Game Bird Company that sold Canada goslings during the Spring ... with a minimum of six. Not being sexed, that could possibly equal 3 pairs.

Didn't think that was a plan. Things weren't looking good.

Not willing to give up, I explained to the man on the phone that even though they were a huge company, it was of upmost importance for me to find one Canada Goose. Could he please help me!

He said to call him the following spring and he would see what he could do. I'm sure he thought he was rid of me.

The following spring, I called, again. The news was bad. John explained that there would be no shipments of Canada geese to California. They were sold out and most shipments were going to the East Coast.

The East Coast?! Didn't they have enough Canada Geese back there? Aren't those the fine people that complain about the flocks of Canada Geese everywhere?

Desperate, I considered getting on the plane for the "East Coast" with a bird net in hand.

A few weeks later, I got a call from a stranger with a rather gruff sounding voice. "Are you the lady that needs a Canada goosling ?"

He was in California and had a incubator full of eggs ready to hatch. He would call at the first "peck". I was now on OB watch.

Good ol' "John" had come through for me. Perhaps, it had been my sobbing that did the trick.
When we got the call, we were out the door and on our way to Northern California.


Leaving at 4 a.m. ... we drove 450 miles and arrived just in time to see her step out of the shell, stand up and say "Hi! World!"
I reached out, picked her up and instantly became ... mom! It was the last day of April, and that became her name.
It would now be a quick trip to get this babe home. So, with the required, very official California Wildlife Fish and Game license tightly in hand, we were on our way.

Sixteen hours and 900 miles later we were back where we began ...
with our Canada gosling.


The bathtub in the guest bathroom was now a brooder
with heat lamp and thermometer in place.

She looked so tiny .... and lonely.


So, it was back in the car and another 900 mile trip...
it was now the first day of May.


April and her sister, May

It was a big world out there for them.

Safely in their "hawk proof" grazing pen,
they followed my hand and soon got the idea
of the proper goose grazing technique.

And how they grew!

Now, they are our lawn ornaments,
our entertainment and Royal's attendants.

They were worth every one of
those 1800 miles.

Happy Birthday
sweet girls !