May 20, 2008

How lovely ... a blog award.

What a delightful surprise to receive this award from Grey Horse Matters, a wonderful place to go for an enjoyable read with important information for everyone that loves and cares about their horses.

And many thanks to Every Rider, who honored me with this award over at my other site, Simply Marvelous. What a thrill Every Rider gave to us by showing a video delivery of the handsome new foal, Riley.

Passing On The Award:
I'd really like to pass this Award on to all the wonderful people who write such interesting blogs. However, I shall restrict myself to three. I send this Award to:

Turkey Creek Lane:
This is a place filled with inspiration and wonderful photographs. Jolynna is an animal lover who seems to do everything with ease, whether it is cooking, gardening or capturing photos of the fascinating life that surrounds her.

Mud Ranch:
It's a wonderful place to visit, filled with stories about horses, Hereford cattle, sheep, dogs and one very adorable baby. With terrific photography, this a captivating place to hang out.

ProPhoto By Lori:
This is the place for some incredible photography, whether it be horses, wild life, nature or the happenings around the farm. And you can always know ... at Lori's place there is always something happening. A great place to visit.

Thanks to all of you for inviting us into your lives
and making this world a more interesting place.


  1. Congrats on your award! You deserve it.

  2. Wow THANK YOU! I'm honored... Now for who to pass it on to. Hmmm... :D

  3. Congrautlations on your award! It's always a pleasure to come here and visit you!

  4. Well done!! It is well deserved! Your blog is fantastic and long may it reign!!!
    Congratulations, from Meg and cats xxx

  5. Congratulations on your award...a very well deserved one too! We all love you and your blog!



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