October 26, 2012

Katie Would Love To Know ...

Katie: Do you like my Wellington boots?

October 22, 2012

About Lambie-Pie

I was wandering around Blogville and stopped by Punkin's Patch. There I discovered they are having a National Hug a Sheep Day ... also known as a Keep Calm, Hug a Sheep Day

It seems they open their sheep farms to people like me ... so we can hug a sheep.  How great is that?

Reading about this ... all kinds of memories came flooding back to more than a few years, ago. It was when I wanted a lamb more than anything.

I had never had one, didn't know anyone who ever had one. But it was my dream.  Perhaps it was the influence of the nursery rhymn, who knows.

At the time, Movie Star and I were living on our "big" farm.  We had plenty of room for about any animal I could reasonably envision. Actually, I don't do "reasonably" very well when it comes to animals.

Anyway, I had decided I wanted a Southdown lamb. After much searching, and a long drive ... we found a Southdown sheep farmer in Southern California. I was pretty amazed about that. 

We arrived at just the right time for this cute little pile of wool to leave her family and come home with me.

Everything was ready. We had built a cute little shelter for her with her own lawn and a white picket fence.

Even though years later she was clearly a "sheep" ... she was always my little lamb. 

However, in time I worried. Was she too fat?  Was I feeding her too much?

Wanting to go to the top source, I called the Cal-Poly sheep department and asked to speak to the professor in charge of sheep.  He was a really nice, s-l-o-w talking man.  He inquired about my urgency.

I said that I was concerned that my "lamb" was too fat.  He asked, "does she have a name"?  I said, of course she does.  He replied, "then she's too fat".  I did get my answer and some good advice. Lambie-Pie went on a diet.

Next, it was vet check-up time. We don't have sheep vets that make house calls around here. It took some searching to even find a "sheep vet".  But, sure nuf, there was a goat-sheep vet about one hour away ... taking the freeway.

I didn't have a truck ... only a convertible.  No problem.  With the top properly up, I loaded Lambie Pie in the front seat, opened the window just enough for her to stick her cute little head out for fresh air.

I didn't cause any traffic jams, but more than a few people heading for Los Angeles pushed the pedal to the metal to see if they saw things correctly.

Finally arriving at the vets office, I discovered this vet conducted business barefoot and had a shedbarn for her office. I had never seen anything like this before. We only had "normal" vet offices. 
But arrive, we did. Lambie Pie was such a good girl. She had on her pink leash and trotted herself in for her "perfectly healthy" exam.

On the way home, I picked up a bale of hay and had it put in the trunk of the car. Then it was back to the freeway and the gawkers.

I had hardly arrived home when my friend called. 

He said:
I know that was you on the 5 Freeway!  I can't think of anyone else that would drive a sassy convertible with hay sticking out the back and a lamb in the front seat.

Thanks to "Hug A Sheep Day" ...  I have just had some very enjoyable wool-gathering.


October 20, 2012

Sunday Stills Challenge ~ What Inspires You

Inspiration  surrounds me ... nature, animals, family, friends, the list is long.

I'm inspired by things viewed through the macro lens ... the inside of a flower, the wings of a butterfly  ... or a drop of dew on the tip of a leaf.  

Or perhaps it is that ahhh moment from one of the many creatures that make this place our home.

All of these things inspire me.  

But I think most of all, my inspiration comes from one word.


Dana Point, California

Click photo to enlarge

Be sure to visit Sunday Stills for inspiring photographs.

October 14, 2012

Then and Now

There are lots of "Then and Now's" around here ... such as us I could post photos of my teenage years and the now, but I didn't want to scare the horses. So that's not a go.

Then I thought about our "Get Real" construction adventures. There have been some real ... "Then and Now's".

First an explanation. "Through the years" we've had the habit of buying fixer-uppers in great locations. We oddly called it fun.

Then, we took on ... "House Number Six"!

The location was terrific ... the house and property a disaster.  What you see is what we got.

For clarification, this is the  ..."Then"
Click photo to enlarge
And the "Now" ...

Click photo to enlarge

Oh, I forgot to say. My good looking movie star did the trenching, digging, hauling, hammering, sawing ... you get it.

And yes, we planted each tree, dug every hole, watered as required. So far, so good.

About the stone walls, we drove 2 hours to a perfect place and gathered the grey river rocks one at a time.  The old lady in the photo built the rock walls.

Friends ask us why we don't hire a crew. The answer is simple: we are always the cheapest bid.

We're almost ready for "house number seven".  Almost ...