August 6, 2007

New Boy In The Barn

Royal arrives home.
It was a great day when this handsome boy finally moved into the barn. We had searched far and wide for "another" perfect horse. This was not easy. Royal had very big horse-shoes to fill.
Ebony, the horse that had been my companion for over 20 years had occupied this same stall. I wasn't certain that any horse could ever follow in Ebony's hoof prints.
The stall had now been empty for months, ... since Ebony died at the age of 30 yrs old. My heart was broken.
Even though I was too sad to seriously look at other horses, I followed family members around who were trying to either distract me or help me find another horse. However, I was convinced that was not possible and that my horse days were over.
Then, when I least expected it, while walking through an equestrian center I heard a soft low nicker as I walked past the stall of a beautiful big, black Tennessee Walker.
Surprised, I turned around to speak to him, our eyes met ... and it was love at first sight for both of us. And ... there was a "For Sale" sign posted on his door.
He was a dream to ride, perfect manners and passed the vet check with sailing colors. The decision was made.
I wrote out the check and filled in the date ... it was Ebony's birthday!
I was certain he was a comfort gift from Ebony. This boy was coming home.


  1. what a beautful story.

    Our 'special' horses seem to 'find' us rather than we 'find' them, dont they?

    I stumbled upon Scooter when I was a mere teenager, looking for a new 4H project . He was wayyyyyyy out of my price range too. I am so glad he whinnied and pranced around and insisted I scratch his ears all those years ago...

  2. Hi Barngoddess

    It is for sure ... they pick us out !

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What a wonderful "love story"! It is so very special to have an experience like that with an animal. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  4. Hi Cindy,
    That boy is something! 'Twas my lucky day, for sure when we found him.

  5. I am somewhat teary with how you met your lovely Balck beauty of a horseface!
    Thanks for the behind the scenes on that...I couldn't help but notice the had framed pic in it!

  6. Just recently found your blog... also a Nebraska gal - still here and FREEZING!

    Enjoyed your story of when Royal found you. Thought I'd share the story of My Dream Horse

  7. Oh good, I found your blog! Looking forward to reading.

  8. Strawberry, I'm so glad your heart has found some peace and you've started blogging again. I've read 4 of your posts and EVERY one has made me tear up! I'm so looking forward to more posts from Strawberry Lane. Welcome back to the blogging world.
    Gammy-Tammy PS-Thanks so much for your visit and sweet words.


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