August 22, 2007

And then there is ... Lucy!

Lucy is in charge of ... everything. She darts around most of the day checking to be sure things are in proper order in the garden, the barn, the yard ... simply put, just about everything. She seems to be well liked or perhaps it is ... respected.

Lucy is also the official babysitter, guardian, companion of the dog. She loves the dog and makes claim to Daisy at every opportunity.
I've never quite understood what makes these bonded relationships. But this is one lasting friendship, for sure.


  1. Lucy is neat. My Wee One loves, loves chickens. When we visit a friend of ours, he spends a lot of the time petting the only friendly hen on the place.

  2. How adorable. Do you have a photo of that? Would love to see it.

  3. Lucy is adorable.

    Barngoddess, I have never known a chicken that liked to be petted.

    Wee One's chicken friend sounds like a sweetheart.


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