August 24, 2007

Meet Alberta

So glad you stopped by ...
you probably haven't heard but I'm mom's favorite.

Great day by the pond!

(They built this for me, you know)

My favorite place (ok, I have lots of special places)

If I wait long enough somebody will come along

and I can sit on their lap, get petted and fed.

How cool is that?

By the way, this is my mom. I pretty much follow her everywhere.

We've made brick walkways together, planted gardens,

cleaned the barn and the best, just sat together on the swing.

She says I'm her ... baby.

HEY! Where'd you go?

Are you in the house ... again?


  1. I am so impressed by Alberta and your photographs.

    I see that Alberta is a goose that likes to be petted. And she follows you!

    You seem so happy with you farm and life. That it suits you comes through in your writing.

  2. Hi Jolynna

    That sweet little creature is like a puppy dog ... follows me everywhere, stands outside the window or door of whatever room I am in.

    Canada geese make the best pets.

    I remember when living on the East Coast that people considered them pests.

    They don't know what they are missing!

  3. wow-great photos!

    Alberta is beautiful.

    I grew up with flocks of geese that lived near my Fathers house on LK Superior in the UP of MI

    Your right, they make GREAT pets!

  4. Barngoddess,
    How Great! Another convert into what great pets the Canada Goose can be.

    And how lucky you were to live in such a beautiful area with so much nature and trees!

  5. How cute! Thanks for introducing Alberta. You'll have to do more installments about this sweet dog-in-a-goose-suit. ;) Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  6. "Dog in a goose suit" ... how clever you are.

    Alberta has many chapters up her sleeve she's hoping I'll share.

    Thanks .......


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