August 22, 2007

Are We In Nebraska, Yet?

A strange garden for Southern California, but sometimes a girl gets lonely for the sights of the good old Midwest.
A dear sweet old man in his 90's remembered how much I loved sunflowers and sent me an envelope of seeds from his backyard.
Determined that they would grow, I prepared the soil as though I were going to plant a crop of corn. And much to my surprise the plants grew ... just like at home.
I'll admit that the horses helped out a great deal.
I quickly had a photo snapped to send back to my generous friend. He, too, was surprised. Actually, his words were ... I didn't think you could do it.
Hummm... I guess the word travels far as to my not always very green thumb. But nevermind that, I was one happy ... farmer


  1. wow! that is one BIG sunflower....

    I am so going to grow some of those next summer!

  2. Hi Barngoddess
    Great ... would love to see a photo of your sunflowers!

  3. Those are HUGE sunflowers!

    You are a great sunflower grower. Our sunflowers come from the seeds that fall from the birdfeeder. In comparison to yours they are pitiful.

  4. Jolynna,
    Hummm, looking at your photographs, I'd say your garden grows overnight!

    I will say that my neighbors thought I was from another planet when they saw these sunflowers.

    They are more familiar with ... palm trees.


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