February 27, 2008

Royal's Grooming Crew

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Keeping this boy all spiffed up is a group project.
The girls are pretty fussy about things,
especially when it comes to Royal's overall presentation.

Yikes, Mom!
Did you know Royal has mud on his hoof?!

Ok, I've got it covered back here!
April believes in doing a very thorough job.
She pretty well checks on all details.
Eventually things meet her expectations.

Royal stands patiently while being poked all over
by two Canada geese.
He rarely even moves.

And when things finally meet their approval,
there is hardly a spot of dirt left.


Finally, he wanders his way back to his stall.
And, usually trailing behind are his two grooms,
just in case there might be an itsy-bitsy bit of dust.

This is a serious job, you know.

And ... when the shoer arrives,
well, all I can say is he'd better get it right.

But then you've already heard about that.
If not, click below, you'll see what I mean.
"Pete and The Girls"

February 22, 2008

Royal's First Movie



Royal's mom has been trying to learn how to make a movie.
Below is try No.1 ... about this handsome boy.

We would both be simply thrilled if
you could stop by YouTube and check it out.

Just click on his name below
and we'll hope it takes you there.

Midnight's Royal Ebony

We both thank you!

February 15, 2008

Old Photograph Tag

Calamity Jane


Past Photos Tag Game


I have been tagged by Callie at MidWest Horse.
We are to post "old photos" of ourselves and
then tag other friends to do the same.


Well, here goes.
Not sure how old these photos are supposed to be,
but I had to get a ladder, reach to the top shelf in the garage,
blow the dust and cobwebs off the boxes ... to find these photos.
Sooo ... it's a good guess they weren't taken yesterday.

Here I am in Mexico on my first equestrian outing.
Notice the riding attire and perfect equitation.

I do recall I had bug/mites/insect bites
from the horse blanket.

But all in all, the creature was sweet,
I'm not sure he moved, but at least I didn't fall off.

I know you are wondering if I'll be able to
clear the 3' jump around the corner.

This is my young colt, Viking, a sweet, sweet boy.
This was my first horse and I was thrilled
to jump right into his training program.


Now, it is my turn to tag friends
for the fun of seeing their old photographs.

Drum-roll and here they are:

Turkey Creek Lane

Carpenter Creek

Mud Ranch's Real Dirt


Oh my, there are just so many friends
whose photograph albums I'd like to see!

I do hope they all get ... tagged!

February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mark

It seems like only yesterday
I was surrounded by your smile

And held my dear sweet baby boy
so closely in my arms ...

I studied every line and toe
upon your tiny feet ...

I thought you'd stay that way forever ...
never thinking you'd grow up.


But then the day did come ..
away from home you moved.

So empty was the place you left
... so impossible to fill

I truly thought my heart would break
But knew the time was here.

How proud I've always been of you
You are what I knew you'd be

A grownup charming VIP
But still a son to me.

I'd like to turn back the clock
and have my child, again.

But even so, some things don't change
no matter how the years may go.

You'll always be my little boy
The babe that filled my arms.

How happy now to wish to you
Another year of joy.

And in your memory box you'll find
your very first birthday candle
along with well worn books and toys.

Each one to me a treasure
of my one and only son.

Happy Birthday, Mark !

I Love You,

February 13, 2008

To My Valentine


My heart to you is given
Oh, do give yours to me
We'll lock them up together
And throw away the key.
Frederick Saunders

To the wonderful man in my life,
who shares my love for all our creatures ~ great and small,
and the person who has made my world a beautiful place to live.
Each day with him is ... Valentine's Day!

Spread The Love Award and A Very Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone!

What a lovely surprise to receive this award from my special friends
Victoria at Teachings of Horse and Callie at MidWestHorse.

I wish to thank them for thinking of me.
How delightful!
The award was designed by Mica, whose idea it was
to share this gift with our blogging friends.

What a wonderful world it is to connect with people
in the blogosphere and become friends along the way.
So now, ... I send this award to all of you in appreciation
for having taken the time to browse through my pages
and for sharing your lives with me.

May your Valentine's Day be filled with love.

February 11, 2008

The VOTE Is In! ~ The Envelope, Please

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Mousetrap wants to thank all of you wonderful people
who helped him to make such a serious career decision.

The vote totals were:
0% = Move To Hollywood
55% = Stay On The Farm
37% = To Ask For Raise

8% = Retire
He has decided not to move to Hollywood.
However, it did require some concessions on his behalf.

1. MouseTrap now has his own personalized Director's Chair
2. He is available for all "Cat-Calls" in Hollywood.
3. He has a Star on Sunset Boulevard

The Management willingly granted all requests
knowing that MouseTrap was essential to the farm.

There were, also, a few necessary
changes made to MouseTrap's farm contract.
1. no more night duty
2. unlimited sleep hours
3. no more pest patrol

We are happy to report that MouseTrap is happily back
to running the farm ~ and living his life of leisure.

Click on photo to enlarge

Once again, everyone is happy on the farm.

What?! They are not?

Is that another fracus I hear?

Oh no, we're back to contracts, again.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Hey!! Have you heard of Aflac?!

We need to talk.

February 5, 2008

Mouse-Trap Considers New Career

MouseTrap is seriously thinking
about show-biz.

It has something to do with being
official Biotin-Plus Cat
for all of their ad campaigns.
Nevermind, that it is a horse product.
His fantasy is to have a career similiar
to Morris, the 9 Lives Cat.
That would, of course,
include a
personalized chair.
MouseTrap has been reviewing
his responsibilities around this farm.

It seems there are too many,
and, thus, he is thinking about
moving on to other opportunities.

According to him, this is his work list.

Supervising the entire hay barn,
and being on constant guard against
all manner of beasts, both large and small.

Sharing all meals in a timely
and courteous fashion.

Thoroughly washing up before
returning to work.

Holding down all bales
of very heavy shavings,
and keeping them neatly in place.

Guarding the entire farm from the roof top
for invaders, vagrants and intruders
or any threatening mice or other wild life.

To be prepared and in constant alert
for any coyotes
that wander into the coyote cage.

To keep dad company at all times.

Being the official guard and door man,
which includes keeping the geese out,
and the house cats ... in.

To keep dad's work gloves warm
for those cold mornings.

To carefully guard the family silver
from possible thieves during the night.

MouseTrap is seriously considering the
possibility of a career change,
as well as fame and fortune.

MouseTrap would greatly appreciate
your help in making this decision.
Should he stay on the farm
or seek advancement in the city?
Please help by voting in the box
on the top right hand side of the page.

MouseTrap thanks you.