November 9, 2007

Pete and the Girls

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"April" and "May" in their front row seats
keeping close watch on Royal.

Yep, we're still watchin'.
Hey Pete, are you sure that's the right size?
Getting those little girls to stay on the side out of the way was an accomplishment. They are Royal's pals and they see no reason why they cannot wander around underneath him while he is being shod. That is where they are when he's eating.
They also follow him around the turnouts, even the one at the top of the hill. Now that is quite a hike considering they are only 6 months old and the world is still a big adventure for them.
Royal is so great around them ... he'll walk the long way around to avoid getting in their way.
Interesting friendship they have.


  1. Royal is gorgeous. He looks beautiful even when he is getting shod!

    The geese really do seem fascinated by what is happening to Royal.

  2. This is just too cute! You have a blessed day!

  3. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog. I appreciate you leaving a comment. I have also enjoyed reading all about your extended animal family, a woman after my own heart. I am also Capricorn and my Zodiac year is also the Rat if I remember correctly LOL.

    I will check back often. I have been struggling a bit with keeping my posts up to date started as a Photo A Day Challenge on 1st January. I lasted until sometime in September then the wheels fell off LOL.

    Royal is absolutely beautiful.


  4. oh my my my my! Royal is sooo beautiful!!

    I am giggling at the girls, making sure Pete is doing a good job like a couple of watchdogs.

  5. Very clever these two and they know where the grain goes and some spills.

    I like your post. I also like horses and birds and geese.

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I have a couple of others but the website is nice.

  6. The farm where I board my horse is also home to many other kinds of creatures. We don't have any birds (unless you count the aloof peacocks), but the pigs like to wander around in between the horses at every opportunity. They don't seem to mind.

  7. These are such nice photos, it's an unusual combination of friends. Royal
    looks like a lovely, gentle horse.
    The photographs of your mom are beautiful, she looks exactly as you describe her - kind and gentle.

  8. Geese and horses as friends... who knew?!?! I just love the photo of them supervising the whole process. It's like they aren't quite sure if the Pete knows what he's doing. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  9. Your photos always give me a big smile. I so love animals of all kinds and you are so blessed to be surrounded by them. This post was just a huge grin maker!



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