November 20, 2007

So Many Blessings ...

A house full of creatures
and a home filled with love ...
so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving!


  1. Can I come and curl up on your couch? It looks so cozy.

  2. What a beautiful dog ! It's true what they say ,where there is a fire you will always find an animal,I can imagine you sat there with a cat on your lap,a fire makes a home so warm and cozy.Kathyann (meg's mum's muffins )

  3. I'll second that! I wish everybody here in England celebrated Thanksgiving. Afterall, like you say there is so much to be grateful for. Can I just say, Royal is the most beautiful horse I've ever seen!! He's lovely! Animals have the funniest characteristics, don't you think?! It's nice to here how your farm got started and the stories since.
    Best wishes, from the kittens' mother


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