November 15, 2007

The View From The Top

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We thought it only right that Royal should have the best view.

So, with a tractor and lots of pushing and shoving around of a
great deal of dirt, we created switch backs and plateaus on the upper hill for that pretty boy.

There was one stipulation. He had to share it with the alpacas.
Oh, we haven't told you about them? Well, another day.

The agreed procedure was ...
when the gate was closed, no uphill adventures.

Royal has been very cooperative about that
and spends most of his time wandering around the barn areas.

That was until ... today.

This is the pathway to the hill ... with the view.
Notice the bar across the uphill path?
That took Royal only a couple days to figure out.

Chain has now been added.

Around the curve of the pathway is another gate.
Sometimes, this includes a guard at the gate.

(you might notice the strange, tall fence,
... Royal trims roses.)

This is one of the places where Royal wanders.

Notice the gate?

Yep ... it happened, again.
(It's a man thing, I think)

Remember the other gate that was left open?
(Click here if you forgot.)

Stairway? Not a problem.

He trotted his pretty self up those stairs,
past the closed gate, and around the bend.

He was on his way!

MouseTrap witnessed the whole scene ...
"Was that a horse that just went by?"

Hey Mom ! I'm up here.

Just love this view.



  1. Oh heavens what a precocious boy! And very tenacious too. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. LOL that is so funny, where there is a will there is a way!!! Nice view though so I cant blame him.


  3. This young man has a bit of wanderlust in him! He just has a mind of his own! And oh what a pretty view he will have. If the alpacas (which I adore!) will share! : )

    I have been catching up on all I have missed in the last few weeks! I hope all is well your way!


  4. lol, Royal is too handsome anad smart for his own good, isnt he?

    He reminds me of my Scooter with that 'look'.

  5. What a lovely wood and stone labrynth you have created! I absolutely love it. No horse (nor Child) could ever resist figuring out how to gain access to every facinating magical inch of it! Oh and that view at the other end! I think Young Mr. Royal has a conspirator or 2, ( Mouse Trap and the Man)

  6. Your photos and narrative are very funny! You want to scold but you smile at the same time because they are so smart!

  7. That look says it all! He's sooo like my horse, Oliver. Nothing is meant to keep them in, they go where they want, free spirited and REAL horses. Oliver was always escaping and would neigh to let me know where he was 'Look Mum, I'm galloping in the 17acres! Look I've jumped the fence again. Arthritis?? What? Oh oops!' caught out again! You have a lovely place and a wonderful horse :)

  8. Royal is so smart. And so beautiful too. I know I say that a lot. But, he really IS gorgeous.

    I don't blame him for wanting to go to the top of the hill/mountain though!



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