October 22, 2007

The Open Gate Saga

Did you close the gate?
Sure did ...


  1. Royal is beautiful! he also seems as good natured as he is handsome...

  2. Hi Barngoddess,
    He's a sweetheart and has a built in radar for any gates left often ... which you can see seems to happen around here!

  3. Our horses got out the gate and into the barn last week, too. My husband had JUST cleaned the barn. The horses left piles of signs of their having been out for him.

  4. Royal is so handsome, so elegant, so
    devilish! Just how I like a man to be! *laugh*
    This is such a precious photo.

    Sue, who will continue to keep you all in my thoughts...stay safe dear heart.

  5. That is quite sweet. My old appaloosa used to hang out with me like that while I drank my tea.

    Pax. Kimberly

  6. This photo is so serene and beautiful. I am wowed by it.


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