October 13, 2007

Wow! We've Got Rain !

This is about the best thing that has happened
around this place in ages !
Honest to goodness rain! And wow ... real mud puddles.
How terrific is that?!

Hummm ... wonder how deep we can make this hole?

Yep, Lucy got the word. It's her mud hole, now.

The little girls are not so sure.

This is their first experience with rain,
and that can be very frightening, you know.

The only things they've know have been
the lawn sprinklers and the pond.

Yikes! What is this stuff falling all over us?

Now ... this is much better.
In fact, the rain has stopped, but we'll just stay put.

We can watch everything from here.
Maybe next time we'll go for the mud puddles.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving all the wonderful comments! I am tickled you did as I LOVE your blog. Would it be alright if I added your link to my page?
    Oh, and, believe it or not, I AM afraid of hugs, moving things but that does NOT include draft horses! I have yet to find an animal of which I am afraid! Used to scare my parents to death as a kid...my Grandfather lived on a farm and my folks would find me out in the bull
    pen, with the horses in their stalls..you name it.

    Your pets are just amazing. You are able to live the life I dreamed if once. To be surrounded by animals...how happy you must be.

    You live in such a perfect place...love it there.

    I have a dear writer friend in Sierra Madre and hope to get there soon. Our Gracie has yet to visit CA. Next year....our son Daniel loves it there.

    We lived in San Diego for a little while, were there thanks to the Navy. Loved being there. Bill was also stationed in Alameda so we learned about the entire state and loved it all.

    I hope you will visit me again...and that I did not bore you silly with my rambling posts.

    Your blog is like a breath of fresh air...and your sweet life is magical.

    Please give each of those sweet faces a kiss from me.



  2. What great photos of your feathered family!! they really seem to be enjoying the rain.

    Is Lucy a bully?

  3. Hi, glad you found my blog, so I could find yours, so very interesting, I'm wondering what star you married? lol I love the photos, the one of the geese sitting on your chairs bring back memories of ours! I'll be back to visit often!

  4. I really enjoy the photos of your two geese seated on those plushy comfy cushions like royals.

    What are those brightly colored birds? They are beautiful.

    My nine Rhode Island Reds are not very exotic looking, but they lay some pretty eggs. Next year, I've promised myself I'm going to get something a little more colorful. Years ago, I had a Rhode Island Red hen who nested in my dried eucalyptus floral arrangement every day beneath my main entry portal. Now she was pretty decorative!

    My geese love the rain too.

    Pax. Kimberly

  5. Hi Susie Q,
    Oh dear, now I'm filled with envy! You grew up playing with horses on your grandfather's farm?! How great!

    Looks like you know California living. Sure isn't the Midwest. I'm still working on that part.

    Just love you site. Clever, clever, clever!

  6. Hi Barngoddess,
    About Lucy ... no, she is not a bully. She just has a little strut in her style and a lot of "busy-body".

    If something is happening, she'll come running to check it out. It just might be something fun, is her thinking.

    She's also a lap sitter, even for visitors, which comes as a surprise for some.

  7. Hi Sue,
    Witty you ... what star did I marry!

    Actually, to take you seriously, he is a wonderful Gemini.

    I know, I married two guys. But both seem to get along with me, so that is great.

  8. Hi "I gallop on",
    The ducks are "rowen". They look like Mallards, only are domestic and won't fly away. In fact, they could get off the ground even if they got a running start.

    Nine Rhode Island Reds, you say. You've got personality girls!

    And about the hen nesting in your floral arrangement ... how perfect is that?


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