October 8, 2007

Are You Coming Or Going?

Royal is never sure whether a new pet has arrived or a pest is about to leave.

It really is confusing considering all the ducks, geese, chicks, cats, dogs and other assorted creatures that are brought here and get to call this place home.

However, a family of raccoons have decided this is a pretty swanky place to live. In the process they have not improved things a wit, nor have they done a lick of work.
Well, unless you call ripping feed bags open, and removing lids from every pot, can and container. Plus, they've become very creative in carrying objects around the property and hiding them in strange places.
I'll have to admit I admire their ability and ... smarts.
However, the last straw has been their deliberately scaring the poor cage birds off their perches. That ... has not been amusing, since we clearly know their intentions.

So, it was out with the live-catch cages, again.
We have found a lovely park not far away that has proved ... very convenient.

They have all their needs taken care of with places to hide, trees to climb, garbage cans for entertainment and few people to say ... out!

Gossip mill has it that there is a very large family of raccoons now living in the park.
Hummm.... how interesting. So far things are working out quite well.
It's great when everybody is happy!


  1. What a cute story. It was very well written, too! Royal is so beautiful. I love the expression on his face in the photo. He DOES look like he is wondering if the racoon is a new "brother" or "sister" coming to stay.

    The racoon doesn't look very happy. I think he wanted to be stay and be part of your family.

  2. Royal is a sweetheart. He'll adopt anything that moves in.

    As for keeping the raccoon, I'm surprised myself, considering I tried to make a pet out of a skunk.

  3. lol, Royal is definately wondering!

    HE is beautiful!

    oh, the pests. I have a coon that comes by regularly to try to get into my feed bins. Ive coon proofed them but it doesnt keep him for coming around though.

  4. Barngoddess,
    I think those coons are smarter than all of us. They can figure out just about anything.

    I've put straps, cords, tie-downs on contrainers, ... it's just a game for them.

    Then, of all things, they climb up the tree and I swear ... laugh at me!

  5. We don't see those very often around my place here in New Mexico. When I was growing up in Ohio, my mother had several rows of beautiful concord grapes, and every year, just the moment they were ripe, the raccoons would stage a raid. Not one concord grape left. I think we were on their calendar or something.

  6. Yep, I think those rascals keep schedules, charts, and maps to prime locations.

    Sounds like your mother's vineyard was on their list.


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