September 27, 2007

Checking in on Harry ...

Not far down the road is an equestrian center for handicapped children. They do such wonderful things for children suffering from both physical and emotional problems.
It is amazing to see how the interaction with horses is both an aid and a comfort.

Harry is in charge of the "feel good" department. He is one very big love bug that manages to keep just about everybody happy.
He sure makes my day !


  1. He looks so sweet! You can tell how good natured he is just by looking at him.

    He is definitely glad to see youl

  2. Not sure where I'd put him, but wouldn't mind if he'd would follow me home !

  3. See, now I know I have found a kindred spirit -- we have two Goldens at home (Bailey & Tucker). I've done therapy work with Bailey for the last 5 years, we mostly visit retirement and convalescent homes, he's a huge love hound (and by huge I mean 110 pounds). I'd love to do therapy work with horses at some point, although my Miss is a bit high strung for that kind of work. All the more reason to get a second horse!

  4. Hi Donna,
    I think you are right about the kindred spirit. I read through your Profile and we even like the same kind of movies and books ... and Goldens, as well. How nice!

    Now about "Bailey" doing therapy work ... that is wonderful. At 110 pounds he's bringing lots of TLC to people! Congrats!

    As far as a second horse: I think any reason will do to add another horse to a barn. :-)

    Hi Barngoddess,
    Harry sure is a very b-i-g beauty. Interesting color, don't you think.
    Thought about you with all that room and extra hay. Hummmmm...

  5. Harry looks like a lamb. What a good natured sweet boy.

  6. Hi Rising Rainbow,
    He is adorable. What is amazing is ... his stall is much lower than the platform I was standing on.

    That particular day, kids were washing a minature horse on the other side of Harry's stall.

    Wish there had been a photo of that!

  7. I love the drafts. Most of them are such kind creatures.

  8. I'm a draft "groupie". Fortunately, we don't have a North or South 40 acres ... or I'd have one of every color.


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