September 23, 2007

About my new home ...

Now, about this adorable little pup,
she belongs to my friends.
They sent the details and photos.
I just couldn't resist sharing the story.

As Harmony tell it ...

Here I am, snug as a bug in my new home. I didn't arrive here by accident, you know. It took planning.

I was at that age where people were coming to look at me and my brothers and sisters. It was something about getting a new home. When the doorbell rang, I thought, "oh, no, I don't know these people"!
I liked the sound of their voices. That's when I decided I wanted to live with them. I tried to get their attention by yipping "me, me, me", but they thought I was just making those cute puppy sounds.
Then I thought of a plan.

I wrapped my paws around the man's foot and hung on for dear life. It worked !!

I jumped right in to show them how good I was at eating.

I had no idea how exhausting that would be.

This is my first portrait taken in my new home. Cute, huh?!

I loved showing off my other talents like rolling around in a towel.

Now this trick is more difficult.
It seems it is ... a cat thing.
Let's see, stretch the paws ... put head between paws
... turn back paw. Humm, not easy.

I live in North Carolina with Roger and Jean,
my mom and dad.
They are both musicians...
and named me ... Harmony !
My parent's have a friend in California.
She is writing this for me.
So that means I'm a ... cyber pup!


  1. Thanks for using your creative writing talents to describe Sweet Harmony's adventure to and in her new home. We love your story. Yes, she has won our hearts.

    - Harmony's Dad and Mom

  2. oh my!

    She is cute!!

    That photo of her by the food dishes is too precious.

    She is one lucky pup :)

  3. Roger ...
    Look forward to more "tales" from this adorable little pup!

  4. Barngoddess,
    Lucky little pup, for sure!

  5. What a fun story! Thanks so much. I laughed out loud at the feet in the food dish photo!

  6. Hi ell,
    That pup is adorable. So glad they share their photos of her.


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