September 12, 2007

Homeward bound ...

Kirk and Royal heading back to the barn.

This guy was born in a saddle and there's not a happier pair than these two boys out on the trail early in the morning.

This former movie star reminds me of Clint Eastwood on some days and Gregory Peck on another. It's really quite confusing.

The only way to tell is to check the riding boots ... are they cowboy boots or the high English knee boots?

Whatever, he sits tall in the saddle and always has one big smile when heading down the trail.


  1. H'e walking so calmly. My horses get kind of antsy when we are headed home!

    Such a beautiful for a ride.

  2. Hi Jolynna,
    Oh, yah ... I know that antsy stuff.

    It seems that Royal knows a camera when he sees it. He'll slow down long enough for the click ... and then he speeds up straight for home. That big rascal !

  3. Royal is absolutely gorgeous!

    It looks like you have a beautiful place to ride :)

  4. You have a fabulous place. So lovely and that is a stunning horse. I miss our horses but we just don't have time to care for them up here, plus no pasture area so for now we can ride the neighbors horses. They are great people. I was raised in SoCal but on a military base - the desert was my playground but I am told the area is all irrigated and green now for the most part.

    You have a fabulous day. I read your profile and we do have a lot of things in common. Blessings!

  5. Kathleen Marie ...
    So happy to have you visit us. I've enjoyed looking at your photos. Took a trip to SD with my parents when I was a kid. Great memories!


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