September 17, 2007

By the way ... did you know Lucy could read?

Would you turn the page, please?

Lucy much prefers history books. Certaily not historical novels, but books that are well documented and filled with ... foot notes. (mostly hers)

One of these days, Lucy could very well become a book, herself.

She grew up with Kayla and quite fancies herself to be a dog. It is rather ordinary to see her following the dog through the barn, into the horse corrals, up the hill and into the gardens.

When everyone has gone in the house she struts from one door to the other. Eventually, she settles down to just being a dedicated ... window peek-er.

Probably her greatest pleasure is being carried around the yard, next to reading history books, that is.

She's somethin'. There's even more about Lucy ... here.


  1. This is so cute! Is she really sitting on your pup? Ha! A Chicken that reads...Now that's a novelty!

  2. Hi Kathleen Marie,
    Thanks for your visit! Sometimes I think those RI-Red chickens come packed with personality.

  3. My great grandmother had Henrietta. None of my hens has come close to being as social as your Lucy, I'm afraid.

  4. Henrietta ... what a clever name.

    None of our other chickens give a hoot about us.

    But every Rhode Island Red chicken we've had always seems to come packed with personality and end up pets.

  5. Great pic! At first glance I thought Lucy was a rooster, shows what I know! I would love to have my own chicken coop someday though...

  6. You're right, Lucy does almost look like a rooster with that red comb on her head.

    I never knew that chickens could be so much fun and personable.

    Obviously, they have the run of the place, but head back to the hen house late afternoon.

    Interesting creatures.


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