October 27, 2007

Back To Tranquility

Alberta enjoys her leisurely swim.
After the trauma of the fires in California
it was wonderful to appreciate the peacefulness
of our farm and to count our blessings.


  1. What a treasure this scene is...truly tranquility.
    Sweet Alberta!
    I am so glad that all is well for you and that things are beginning to return to a more normal existence.
    Blessing to those who helped rescue our animal friends.
    Warm hugs,

  2. What a contrast to the previous photos. I hope things have calmed down for you now and that the fires are under control.

  3. Alberta look so beautiful! I just adore the posts you write on your sweet Canadian goose. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  4. lol, Alberta looks a bit spoiled :)

  5. Normalcy after trauma does take on a new meaning of tranquility. Glad you are more at peace...

  6. I am so glad that it is safe for you now. I heard more about some of the Arabian breeders, they lost their entire farms but the horses were saved. Such a nightmare.

    Your beautiful picture is such a sharp contrast. I wish you healing.

    And thank you to you and all of your friends who stepped in to help save the horses. You are all heros in my book.

  7. What a beautiful and peaceful scene. Alberta is very photogenic.

    I agree with Rising Rainbow that you and all who helped rescue the horses from fire are heroes. The one good thing that does come from a disaster are those people, like you, that rise to the occasion.

    I am very glad things are now under control.

  8. Thanks to all of you! Your comments have been so appreciated.

    Interesting how a little creature like a goose paddling on a water pond can make the whole world peaceful, again.

    Aren't we "animal lovers" all very lucky!


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