October 15, 2007

Yikes! He's Back !

The past few days there has been nothing but utter chaos in our usually peaceful kingdom. The chickens have been squawking, the ducks taking nose dives into the pond and even the geese have been honking up a storm.

This ungodly commotion is all because of the ominous shadow sweeping across the sky ... taking low dips towards our yard. This red tailed hawk has turned our yard into a fly-in, fast food, take-out restaurant.
I will claify that probably the biggest racket is me ... as I come tearing out the door with my arms flailing as though I am ready for take off.
For obvious reasons, I've chosen not to post a photograph of this scene.

The hawk is either incredibly bold or semi-tame. He watches me calmly from a low tree branch to see if I am for real. He shows no indication of being startled, nor does he fly away until I am nearly half way up the tree.

The main target for this hawk seems to be our cages
of usually very quiet and peaceful Australian Rosellas.

For some reason when these birds are frightened,
they become suicidal by hanging on the edge of the cage
making themselves easy plucking prey.

The hawk does a death march across the roof of the bird cage
to the tune of the hysterical screeching of the birds.

This is followed by a wide circle around the yard
and a direct pass or two at the side of the cage.

Even "MouseTrap" took up watch-duty on the fence.

Eventually things were quiet again,
but tension definitely filled the air.
Then ... the whole process happened again.

The silent shadow swooped down,
the birds screeched for survival
and I went dashing out the door, again.

We knew something more serious had to be done.

All it took was a very high stool placed in front of the bird cages

and one very determined cat.

It worked ! Can't knock success!

By the way, "MouseTrap" is available for hire.

Humm ... wonder if Carpenter Creek might be interested.


  1. Yay Mousetrap!!! What an heroic and stalwart feline. Such a good watch-kitty you have. And such adventures that are so fun to have you share (although they must not be fun having to live them). May all your little brood be safe from the villain hawk. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. Hi Cindy,
    So far, so good. Isn't Mother Nature grand?!

  3. LOL...I've got a couple of young mousetraps here that I'm a bit worried for!

    Either that hawk was aiming for you when you took the pic, or he's got a string attached to his leg.

    Yikes...gotta go; one of my mouse traps is climbing up my door jam...three feet and rising!!!!

  4. Mousetrap is very brave. That is a really big hawk.

    Your Australian Rosellas are gorgeous. I don't think I have ever seen one before.

  5. Tracey ...
    Gee, thanks. It's always nice to be remembered. :-)

  6. He is amazing!! Such a noble and brave soul. May they all stay safe from the devious hawk.
    Me thinks Mousetrap should star in a movie about these adventures!!

  7. Go Mouse Trap!

    What does he charge per hour? ;-)

    What a harrowing story.

  8. Great solution! I'm sure Mousetrap got to feel like Big Stuff, which of course he probably knew already since he's a cat.

    Interesting story, beautiful pictures.


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