October 9, 2007

With Royal on Trail

Such a beautiful Fall day for a wonderful ride

with my best friend.


  1. Royal is gorgeous!

    If I am not careful he may steal my heart away :)

  2. He is exquisite! What a lovely spot for photographs to be taken.

  3. How gorgeous! I miss my horses at times. Wonderful photos!

  4. I'm so glad you discovered Rosehaven Cottage because now I get to discover and explore Strawberry Lane! I love your blog and will be visiting here often. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  5. Hi Kathleen Marie,
    Nice to hear from you. I tried to get on your site, but wasn't able. Will try again. Love your photos!

    Hello Cindy,
    Delighted to get your message. So happy to have you visit. Loved your beautiful Rosehaven. What a lucky find!

  6. Hi Barngoddess,
    I think Royal heard you say that. It cost me a few more carrots!

    Hi Ell,
    Happy to hear from you. That was a wonderful day for a ride!

  7. Well, I must say, your best friend is one handsome fellow.

    Pax. Kimberly

  8. Hi Kimberly,
    Thanks! I'll pass that on to Royal. He loves flattery!

  9. Royal is just that, Royal. He is absolutely gorgeous. Please do give him a kiss from me. Okay, so I am a horse kisser...always have been. Heck, I kiss all animals. Ask our dog!

    Beautiful pictures...my cousins in TN raised Tennessee Walkers and Belgian Draft horses. I loved being with them all each Summer. I wish I could say I was a great rider, I am not, but I AM a great horse talker and hugger.


  10. You and Royal look great together. What a beautiful day for a ride in the woods.

    He is so beautiful!


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