November 3, 2007

Remembering Mom

In Memory of Mom
On Her Birthday
She was kind and gentle, a wonderful friend to everyone.
I am grateful to have had her for my mother.
I think of her everyday
and miss her more than words can say.


  1. Thank you for sharing this loving tribute. And thank you for your kind comment.

  2. How lucky we are to have been given wonderful mothers. Not every one is that lucky...a special mom is a true blessing. Hold her close to your heart always. She is there with you...always close.
    Oh what a beautiful woman she was!
    I am thinking about you...sending hugs.

  3. What lovely photos of a beautiful mother. I am certain that she knows how much you love her. Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  4. All of us who have lost our mothers will agree, words cannot express you way you feel
    I've been told time will help you ? Ok 17 years on & its still the same lump in my throat tears
    in my eyes, I will always remember in my heart the wonderful women i called mum.

    Your beautiful comment : I am grateful to have had her for my mother. Bless you, Wayne x

  5. I am with susie q, you are so lucky that you had such a special mom. I think it's wonderful that you appreciate and honor her.

  6. That's a great tribute. I'm going to work on one for my mum. May 1st 2008 she would have been 84. March 31st she will have been gone 20 years. doesn't ever get easier, the missing them, just becomes part of you. Thanks for that today.

  7. what a beautiful woman your mother is!


    moms are special.

    you could have been describing my mother too.

    I miss her much as well.

  8. How nice of all of you.

    My mother would have been both surprised and so very pleased by your kind words.


  9. Your post and tribute touched me. I'm losing my mom; she's had Alzheimer's for nine years and the end is coming. She'll be set free. (But I want her back.)

    I've been wondering about grief and how long it lasts. You and your commenters have answered.

    As a counselor once told me, those of us who grieve are lucky because we have something to grieve over. To have that kind of love can keep you going all your life.

    Lovely tribute. Beautiful woman.

  10. What a loving tribute, a beautiful lady and great photos to remember her by, I am not sure what date you posted this but I lost my Mom 27 years ago on 9th November so this was really poignant for me to read. There is not a day that goes by that I dont think of her. I have lived in 4 coutries and as a result have my possessions spread far and wide probably never to be seen again, amongst which are all of my family photographs and childhood possessions.

    I truly believe they are still close to us even if we can't see them.



  11. I also wanted to add that I am fascinated by the picture of the Hollywood star that changed your life. Not being an American by birth I am embarassed to say I am not sure who he is and would love to know.



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