February 5, 2008

Mouse-Trap Considers New Career

MouseTrap is seriously thinking
about show-biz.

It has something to do with being
official Biotin-Plus Cat
for all of their ad campaigns.
Nevermind, that it is a horse product.
His fantasy is to have a career similiar
to Morris, the 9 Lives Cat.
That would, of course,
include a
personalized chair.
MouseTrap has been reviewing
his responsibilities around this farm.

It seems there are too many,
and, thus, he is thinking about
moving on to other opportunities.

According to him, this is his work list.

Supervising the entire hay barn,
and being on constant guard against
all manner of beasts, both large and small.

Sharing all meals in a timely
and courteous fashion.

Thoroughly washing up before
returning to work.

Holding down all bales
of very heavy shavings,
and keeping them neatly in place.

Guarding the entire farm from the roof top
for invaders, vagrants and intruders
or any threatening mice or other wild life.

To be prepared and in constant alert
for any coyotes
that wander into the coyote cage.

To keep dad company at all times.

Being the official guard and door man,
which includes keeping the geese out,
and the house cats ... in.

To keep dad's work gloves warm
for those cold mornings.

To carefully guard the family silver
from possible thieves during the night.

MouseTrap is seriously considering the
possibility of a career change,
as well as fame and fortune.

MouseTrap would greatly appreciate
your help in making this decision.
Should he stay on the farm
or seek advancement in the city?
Please help by voting in the box
on the top right hand side of the page.

MouseTrap thanks you.


  1. My feeling is that MouseTrap needs a good agent. He is obviously over worked, he has the overwhelming responsibility of keeping the farm running smoothly,and since no other cat can even come close to his capabilities he will also be requiring a substantial raise.

  2. LOL......Cute post....funny cats aren't they. I have entirely too many. I have only one that I actively sought, but the others all adopted us.

  3. That's a toughy!! ;) But I think home is where the heart is. And besides, life's obviously such hard work he needs a good rest here and there...and everywhere it seems:) Haha! The farm would fall apart without him. Afterall, who would keep the geese out, who would keep the bales in place, and dad would be lonely and have cold hands!
    Fame would mean having regular baths, being on a diet and not having time to sleep...so, there's only one answer really...STAY HOME, don't leave :)
    Hugs from Meg and the cats xxx

  4. Mouse Trap should definately get a raise.
    That picture of keeping gloves warm... hahaha, made me really laugh!

  5. He should stay on the farm... but ask for a raise. :)

    LOL - so cute, all the photos. I'm envious of the neatly stacked packaged shavings... we have a huge pile with a big blue tarp!

    (of course our cats enjoy keeping that tarp neatly in place by sliding down it, so.... :)

  6. Good post. That made me laugh! Bloody cats. They always think you owe them something.

  7. MouseTrap should ask for his raise in the form of a nice sheepskin on the hay, to replace his towels. Other than that, he has it made in the shade, and from the expression on his face, he knows it!
    Somehow, I don't think Hollywood was that good to Morris- he always looked mad to me!
    Keep Mousetrap at home, and happy!

  8. Mouse Trap definitely deserves a raise. He does such a magnificent job.

  9. Marvel - Please go over to my blog and pick up your latest award! Did I send you this note already? I'm having such a crazy day, I can't remember if I hit the
    "publish" button.

  10. If I were you I would get MouseTrap his own personalized chair to convince him to stay at home. It's quite clear to me that the farm would not survive without him.
    Also, he is adorable!

  11. Mousetrap has a wonderful life!

    when I die, if reincarnation is in fact true.....I want to come back as Mousetrap!

  12. Hi there, You've been given an award. Pop on over to my place and copy the pic and post your award.

  13. Is he a Maine Coon? He looks like my brother's cat, Hobbes. I love MC's - they have such lovable personalities. Looks like he should stay on the farm since he's in charge!

  14. I'd say that he is seriously over worked and under paid. Poor guy... MouseTrap, move to where people understand your talent and appreciate your value. Leave the icky mouse catching to some of those feral cats.
    ;) Cute post.

  15. lovely pics & the words!

  16. Mousetrap has that kinda raised eyebrow look about him :)

    Great photographs & post...

  17. nice read indeed!!!!!................loved the pics and the write up!!...and mousetrap is so cutesy!!!!!..i think he should do both....be at the farm and also pursue his movie career!!

  18. I've tagged you for a really fun and creative meme that's really easy. I hope you'll participate so I can enjoy your post about it.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  19. Silly cat, don't you realize that Hollywood will chew you up and spit you out - just like that rodent you enjoyed this morning? You'll end up broke and alone in some fleabitten motel...scratching fleas! Don't do it! Stay where the living is easy! Free food, scratches and cuddles, what more could a cat ask for!

  20. Wow, Mousetrap really does work hard! I don't think the farm could operate without him :)

  21. This is the cutest post! The pictures just could not be any sweeter. I know I am late to vote but I would have cast my ballot on the side of the farm...with a little film/TV/commercial work on the side.
    Just something he could do for a few hours one day. He also needs a day off every week...and a raise. He knows he is vital to the farm and is so proud of it. In fact, if he ever does go totally Hollywood, I would love to apply for his job.
    I think it is the best...I am a quick learner.

    Hugs to MT and all the fur, feather and fin friends at Strawberry Lane.



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