February 11, 2008

The VOTE Is In! ~ The Envelope, Please

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Mousetrap wants to thank all of you wonderful people
who helped him to make such a serious career decision.

The vote totals were:
0% = Move To Hollywood
55% = Stay On The Farm
37% = To Ask For Raise

8% = Retire
He has decided not to move to Hollywood.
However, it did require some concessions on his behalf.

1. MouseTrap now has his own personalized Director's Chair
2. He is available for all "Cat-Calls" in Hollywood.
3. He has a Star on Sunset Boulevard

The Management willingly granted all requests
knowing that MouseTrap was essential to the farm.

There were, also, a few necessary
changes made to MouseTrap's farm contract.
1. no more night duty
2. unlimited sleep hours
3. no more pest patrol

We are happy to report that MouseTrap is happily back
to running the farm ~ and living his life of leisure.

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Once again, everyone is happy on the farm.

What?! They are not?

Is that another fracus I hear?

Oh no, we're back to contracts, again.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Hey!! Have you heard of Aflac?!

We need to talk.


  1. Way to go, Mouse-Trap!! Love the chair and the star.

  2. I love mouse-trap's chair too. He does look like a star in that chair.

    But, he seems awfully happy on the farm. And how would you get along without him? It looks like he has lots of jobs.

  3. Have you considered doing picture books? Your photo essays are wonderful - I love the new chair and the possible need for more contract negotiations.. :)

  4. LMAO....Oh that's too humorous!!!
    BTW, I've tagged you for the same weird past photo game, you must tag three people. Transylvania Horseman started this one. I think it's fun!

  5. I think Mousetrap has definitely made the right decision. He's needed at the farm to keep everyone in order :)

    Thank you for sharing such lovely photos.

    Love Kim x

  6. That poor overworked cat, so glad to see he has finally gotten the recognition he so deserves. At the very least he certainly deserves his own chair(because after all he has no where else on the farm to rest), and of course a star of his very own is an absolute must for a cat of his stature. Glad he decided to stay.

  7. Hi SL, Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I was just reading through yours. Nice tributes to Kayla. The sadness can be overwhelming, yes? But so is the love.


  8. I better not let Tom Tom see this post. He'll start making demands for a director's chair like Mouse-Trap's.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  9. OH NO, not the geese too!

  10. Oh my! Leave it to a cat to negoitate a deal! The old saying cats have staff! He is just beautiful-he looks a old female cat I had named "Sprinkles!" Glad he decided to stay! LOL

  11. Please stop by my Valentine's Day post to see MouseTrap's long lost brother! Your pictures are great! Hope your weather is better than ours!


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