February 15, 2008

Old Photograph Tag

Calamity Jane


Past Photos Tag Game


I have been tagged by Callie at MidWest Horse.
We are to post "old photos" of ourselves and
then tag other friends to do the same.


Well, here goes.
Not sure how old these photos are supposed to be,
but I had to get a ladder, reach to the top shelf in the garage,
blow the dust and cobwebs off the boxes ... to find these photos.
Sooo ... it's a good guess they weren't taken yesterday.

Here I am in Mexico on my first equestrian outing.
Notice the riding attire and perfect equitation.

I do recall I had bug/mites/insect bites
from the horse blanket.

But all in all, the creature was sweet,
I'm not sure he moved, but at least I didn't fall off.

I know you are wondering if I'll be able to
clear the 3' jump around the corner.

This is my young colt, Viking, a sweet, sweet boy.
This was my first horse and I was thrilled
to jump right into his training program.


Now, it is my turn to tag friends
for the fun of seeing their old photographs.

Drum-roll and here they are:

Turkey Creek Lane

Carpenter Creek

Mud Ranch's Real Dirt


Oh my, there are just so many friends
whose photograph albums I'd like to see!

I do hope they all get ... tagged!


  1. Love it! You can get a lot of exercise jumping courses with your horse.

    Let's see where the old photos are and I'll be happy to play.

  2. Very interesting post. On the picture with Viking, you are leading, right :))
    Fab picture BTW.

  3. Those are some great photos. Well done for the effort that went into obtaining them too!

  4. WoW...love the pictures & this post....Nice work!

  5. Gosh - you stirred up some memories with your photo of you and Viking having jumping lessons together! That's just how I taught my pony to jump (I couldn't afford a fully grown broken pony and had a yearling and had to wait for him to grow up). Happy days. Viking looked beautiful.

  6. They are lovely photos, thank you for sharing them (I remember taking my horse over jumps beside him, it was great fun).

    I have a virtual 'hob nob' as a gift for you to collect, next time you visit my site. They are great with a nice cup of tea :)

    Love Kim x

  7. Great photos. It would be hard to pin either jumper fairly, since they both had pretty good form over the jump.

  8. Such great photos! I just love them!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  9. Wow, cool photos........Love it! Thanks for playing!

  10. Fantastic photos! I love the one of you jumping over the little fence:))

    You have won an award on my blog, I hope you don't mind!

    Hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  11. I love the photos too - I'm particularly intrigued with the first one - I love really old sepia prints.

  12. I have really enjoyed catching up on your posts, Mouse Trap and his goings on, your Me me's and love the old photos.

    Thank you so much for keeping up to date with my blog, I have been pretty scarce and appreciate your input and comments.

    Sounds like you are leading the life that I would give my left arm for LOL.


  13. Nice blog- you have excellent subjects for your great photos. I was little girl who always stayed in love with horses but never could live the dream. I do vicarously thorugh you, Thank you.

  14. These are wonderful! I loved seeing the photos and reading the story to go along with each one. Such a fun idea!



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