February 27, 2008

Royal's Grooming Crew

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Keeping this boy all spiffed up is a group project.
The girls are pretty fussy about things,
especially when it comes to Royal's overall presentation.

Yikes, Mom!
Did you know Royal has mud on his hoof?!

Ok, I've got it covered back here!
April believes in doing a very thorough job.
She pretty well checks on all details.
Eventually things meet her expectations.

Royal stands patiently while being poked all over
by two Canada geese.
He rarely even moves.

And when things finally meet their approval,
there is hardly a spot of dirt left.


Finally, he wanders his way back to his stall.
And, usually trailing behind are his two grooms,
just in case there might be an itsy-bitsy bit of dust.

This is a serious job, you know.

And ... when the shoer arrives,
well, all I can say is he'd better get it right.

But then you've already heard about that.
If not, click below, you'll see what I mean.
"Pete and The Girls"


  1. These photos made me smile! How tolerant Royal is of his two extra grooms! Would you believe, we have a little rescue mare (Section C Welsh) called "Itsybits"?! She came to us as a yearling, no neck and a big tummy, just like a spider - hence the name . . .

  2. Oh my god! Those geese are too much!
    Can you find me a pair to keep my horse's tail clean of shavings? Her tail is kind of thin, so we hate to take even a comb to it for fear of pulling more hair out, so it comes down to picking out each crumb of shaving and wisp of hay finger pinch by finger pinch. Luckily for us, she doesn't make messies in it!
    I enjoy reading your blog!

  3. OMG! That is hilarious.......I love how all the animals in a home can interact with each other. My goats feel the need to eat my horses tail, much to my dismay, the horses like it though, thinking it's feels good and they are being groomed rather than eaten...LOL

  4. Well now I have seen everything. These geese are great grooms. We have so many geese in the pond year round and they are a nuisance. Blue, our paint horse actually charges them and chases them out of the paddock when they dare to come into his space. After seeing this I am wondering if I couldn't put them to work grooming the herd?

  5. what a wonderfull photos. Seeing geese just walking around and Royal so patient... great!

  6. Wow - I need a pair of geese to help me groom!

    Here we have crows and sometimes ravens who help out in the pastures by spreading the manure so it decomposes quickly. It still makes me smile to see the horses and donkey grazing while the crows peck and bob around them. Sometimes Dickens E. Wickens (cat and resident cowboy) lies in the midst of all that activity and keeps an eye on those big birds.

  7. Royal must be one special horse. I know I can't stand having duck and geese beaks nibbling on me. It's such a weird sensation. I once rode a lesson horse that had a kitten hanging from his tail as we worked out. I couldn't believe how calm he was.

  8. Nice photographs. I wonder if the goose was after ticks or something like that or just poking around looking for something like that?

  9. Royal is such s gentleman... anf the geese, well theyre an absolute hoot! :)

    Lovely story and pics x

  10. That is amazing. I never knew this goose business. Now I wish I had some geese :)

  11. That is too funny! Royal is a saint to tolerate such silly geese!

  12. What's the story with those geese? I saw them looking in the door at Mouse Trap...tell us about them too! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  13. That's amazing! We could do with a couple of those for our ponies :)

    Kim x

  14. Royal is just such a devastatingly gorgeous animal. Absolutely stunning. Loved the video.

  15. lol....some very nicely captured shots!

  16. cute post!

    seriously, I catch my breath every time I see that gorgeous boy of yours....he is simply stunning.

    the grooming crew LOOKS like they know what they are doing!

  17. What a great set of pictures! I called Jeremiah over to take a look. Very funny.

  18. Those would be flattened geese around here. You've got quite a horse.

    Wonderful pictures -- and I'll bet it's a lot of fun to have the geese around to help out.

  19. Royal is such a beautiful horse, I enjoyed his movie which showed his rythmn and grace but these photos show his gentle,tolerant nature too. You're very lucky to have him:)

  20. I'm always amazed yet never surprised to see inter-species friendship. We have 4 dogs and 4 cats, all of whom get along famously. My dream is to introduce some horses, but I dont think one acre of land is enough. Miniatures maybe? Still not enough. I comfort myself my viewing blogs my other animal lovers who make space for everyone to have their place, separately and together, and bond. We are thinking of digging a couple of ponds on our little patch, primarily for rain water catchment to irrigate the veggie garden. A few geese would be more than welcome. Let your flock know that Salt Spring Island has a place that would welcome them! :) (Bye-the-by, our dogs know that small animals are to be kissed, and dealt with most gently, not chased or eaten! )

  21. I've seen these pictures twice now and they still make me laugh!

  22. That's quite the grooming crew! Wow, things I had not seen before. Royal is a beauty :)
    I have a dog that doesn't leave boo-boos alone. Any cut or scrape and she's all over it, will lick and clean for hours. Real interesting when she does it to someone else's horses. Nothing compared to your geese though.

    Love your site, so beautiful.

  23. What sweet photos. The girls do recognize what a star Royal is and do so want to keep him looking his part!
    G=Do you rent the girls out to groom dogs? Cats? How about housework? I could use one to help with that!
    I adore animals...these pictures just make me smile. Lifts my spirits!


  24. How adorable is that?!?! I just love reading about those two girls. It is amazing to me how animals from different species learn to live symbiotically. It seems that it can only happen at a place that has a little bit of magic sprinkled on it--like yours.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  25. Somehow I don't see any of mine standing still for that. However, I would have told you I'd never see a cat on their backs or a mare with a mouse for a friend. So what the heck, you just never know.

    You've been quiet of late. Hope things are ok.

  26. I just stumbled across your blog and read all of your entries.

    Oh my word, this is my all time favorite blog EVER!! I am a horse lover but enjoyed so much reading about and seeing your animals and how they all interact.

    I can tell you and your husband are kind souls to have such loving animals. Bless you for being such animal lovers.

    Hope you post again soon about more animal escapades. I'll check back in again. :O) Thanks for the smiles.


  27. Those geese are too cute!
    I think your Royal is so beautiful. I got to ride Tennesee Walker for the first time ever while on a trip in California this past February. I could not believe it when he started gaiting...I broke into a smile. I felt like I was floating! When I have my ranch, I would love to have a black one like yours someday! I'll be back to visit again!

  28. Hi Marvel - Is everything all right? We haven't heard from you recently. I miss you and hope that you're just busy with all the good things in life.
    big hug,

  29. Hey, girl, where you been lately? Hope all is well with you and yours!


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