April 14, 2008

Hey! I'm Back!

Where did you go?
I wish I could tell you that I've been cruising the world, sitting on some sunny beach or even lazing around home watching the soaps and eating chocolates. Unfortunately, that just ain't so.
Thanks to you who wondered where I went. Geez ... it's wonderful to be missed!
Well, we've been playing in the mud, .........lots of mud.
Remember my long ago *tale of woe* about those horrible rains we had and complaining because poor Royal was tromping through the mud. Everything was such a dreadful mess!
And ... I was getting soaked while digging trenches in the rain to keep the water out of the barn.
I definitely was not my sweet, adorable self.

And the poor animals were getting so tired of this “Sunny California” stuff, while they were up to their knee caps in mud. They desperately were searching for higher ground.

It's been dig up, dig out time around here. Serious dig out.

It has taken us about a month of clearing out the muck and yuck, putting in still more drains, packing that miserable California clay, and adding decomposed granite.

We've been attacking the entire barn areas, upper hill pathways and upper turnouts.

Just walking to the top of the hill is a workout, but to haul the clay down the hill and the DG up the hill, well that's undue punishment for living at the bottom of this hill.
What?! No room for power machines, you say?

Oh yeah, this has been done the old fashioned digging and heavy wheelbarrows way.

We actually had temporary insanity ... thinking we were going to do it ourselves.

With a quick trip to the nearby Equestrian Center, we begged and pleaded with the work crew to help us out. Drama works!

We were now ready to stand by and watch. That didn't last long.

The first of four trailer loads of DG dumped in driveway.

With the mountains of DG and two commercial dumpsters in front of the house, we knew we were improving the neighborhood.

But nothing compared to the ambiance and aroma as when the dumpsters were finally filled with all the yuck and muck.

And, yes, we do clean up after our animals. Rain does that, you know.

The guys arrived at the crack of dawn ready for hard labor. After the big dig out-clean up, it was time to start hauling the DG to the top of the hill.

They had a real system. One pushed the wheelbarrow while the other two pulled a heavy rope tied to the frame until they finally arrived at the top.

I lost count how many trips they made.

Then came the noise makers, the earth pounders, the DG pounders and some kind of noisy floor sander looking thing.

It's possible we could have set off a good ol' California earthquake!

They pounded their way up the hill ...

... and back down the hill
over and over again.

The alpacas wondered what in the world
happened to their peaceful kingdom !

They finally reached the summit ...
Royal's favorite hang-out.

The upper pathways were finished
and with the next rainstorm
it should no longer resemble a ski slope.

All the turnouts now had drains everywhere.
Things were looking good.

Now it was time to do the barn.

Just what were we going to do with Royal?

With 6 workers, 3 pounding machines and DG dumped outside his stall door,
just how much could a boy take?

Check out the video. Is Royal cool, or what?!



  1. Wow, that is some project. I thought maybe Royal would be overseeing the job. Looks more like he thought it was boring.

    Glad you're back!

  2. Welcome back - I have missed reading about your farm and the critters! What a lot of work you have done to your piece of heaven - how wonderful.

  3. Sounds like crazy busy emergency "goings on" stuff. Glad to you're back and all is right with the world!

  4. Welcome back after all that work! Royal must love his spot on the hillside even more now. So glad everyone at the Farm is well~

  5. You have yourself a great boy there with Royal! Nothing like a jackhammer outside his stall to desensitize him! ;) Can't wait to read more about your critters, such a lovely place you have!

  6. Royal is sooooo awesome :) he is also VERY easy on the eyes (wink)

    Ive been wondering about you-glad all is well and your place got a much needed 'makeover'

  7. Great to have you back...

    Loks like you have had to carry out some major repairs, glad its all done and dusted.

    Royal is such a gentle giant, glad he wasn't too put out by all the works that were going on

    Looking forward to reading all about you and yours :)

    Townie x

  8. I am so glad to have you back, I was worried about you, and am happy to see that all is well.
    What a project you had on your hands, but hopefully all is right with your world now.
    Royal is a wonderfully amazing gentle giant. I just love his personality.
    Glad your back, am looking forward to more posts now that you are settled again.

  9. Welcome back...you get the Medal of

  10. I've missed you guys! So glad that everyone is well and that you've been busy - what an amazing project. I think Royal knows how much better life will be without all that mud. Will you send those fellows over to the East Coast to fix my front corral?

  11. Welcome back! it is nice to read from you again - I was little worried what happened. Message is very optimstic! Cahnges, changes, changes... hmmm.. you got along with the universe :) everything around is changing :)

    Impressive changes...

    Greetings from getting green Poland,

  12. WOW! You guys really did a good job cleaning up! The area looks perfect! Your animals look beautiful as well in those pictures; the sunlight does them even more justice=)

  13. Wow! You have been busy! It's good to see you back.
    Best Wishes, Meg and cats xxx

  14. I have really missed you! I checked back in so often and had worried...but I told myself that you were just busy. And wow. You were REALLY busy! Such a huge project. Royal is just so beautiful...*tell him he was missed as well.*


  15. No wonder you've been AWOL! Goodness!!!! I can completely empathize with you as I have been completing similar work here at Rosehaven Cottage (except I'm having to do it all myself). It feels so crazy preparing for the deluges that only come one season a year doesn't it? But you know it's worth it! Great job!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  16. Hi,

    I've wondering about you, too! My goodness, what a lot of work...

    Your alpacas are so pretty. I love every time you post their pictures. Royal's picture, too.

    What a well-behaved horse. A jack-hammer would probable scare my nervous mare into the next county.

  17. The results are amazing. It looks like a movie set.

    I wish I could have those six guys for a few days.....

    I know it must make you happy every day to see a beautiful, un-muddy barn with a great horse in it.

    So glad you're back!

  18. I was missing your lovely posts! What a monumental project, but it looks wonderful. What a good horse - Jasper probably would have snorted and gone right up and kicked the thing - just for good measure - lol


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