April 30, 2008

Early Morning Visitor

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Heron Arrives For Pond Fishing

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After flapping my arms like a bird ...
it takes off and lands on the barn roof
to see if I really mean it.

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Still not sure,
he goes for a more distant view
on the roof of the house.
He'll try, again, tomorrow.


  1. Just wondering if we could get a video of you flapping your arms to scare him away. He looks absolutely petrified of you sitting up there on the roof.

  2. Wow, he's gorgeous. We have blue herons here, I just saw one on my way to work yesterday. But I have never seen a white one! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think that's an Egret. How pretty. We get those once in a great while, but often Sand Cranes and the occasional Great Blue Heron. Too cool a visitor!

  4. Grey Horse Matters:
    Was hoping no one would ask for that. It's not a pretty sight. I'm working on my "honk".

    Pony Girl:
    We have them here often, but don't recall seeing one so large and so white. Need to check that out.

    He sure was white like an Egret, which we have around here, but they seem to be smaller.

    This guy was a big one, even by Heron standards (which plague our pond).

    Was hoping the Canada Geese would send him away, but all they did was sit there and honk.

    I sure remember those magnificent Sand Cranes when growing up in Nebraska. Thanks for reminding me!

  5. Haha. I remember when we lived at our old house with the field behind, we had a pond with a little bridge over it and had 2 huge koi fish called Shadow and Cleo (as well as goldfish etc). We had a huge grey heron that visited often but he wasn't really welcome because Mum loved her koi. Anyway, one morning, I was the first up and went into the kitchen to get breakfast and looked out of the window at the pond. We had a plastic grey heron that was supposed to deter other herons from coming down. This particular morning, I noticed the plastic heron had two heads. Since it was first thing in the morning, it took me a second or two to realise that one was real! It saw me and flew off gracefully. Thankfully, Shadow and Cleo always survived his visits but others weren't so lucky! Herons are such garceful birds aren't they?!
    Great pictures too!! All the best, from Meg and cats xxx

  6. Well, if you get the video, it must include sound. The honk would be an important part of it, I think. lol

  7. Kittens' Mother:
    What a great story! I can just imagine the whole scene. Sure glad the koi survived.

    Rising Rainbow:
    Oh, you have thought of everything, haven't you!!

    It was early morning ... did I mention my hair?

    Ok, let's see:
    frantic lady flapping arms, honking and hair flying.

    Dang, how did that end up on YouTube?

  8. The cranes are just starting to show up here too. The other day, I saw one and thought-OMG that is a huge eagle and then realized as he cruised by that it was a crane.
    That is how we tell the catfish are running in the river. When the cranes start hanging around-it is time to go fishing.

  9. Hi I found you through Horseshoeing Housewife. I absolutly love your pictures and am jealous of your ability to sit, relax and watch. We have 5 girls and 60+ horses, not much time to relax. The heron is pretty. I have cactus wrens in my yard.

  10. Your egret is gorgeous. I love your pictures too.

    What a wonderful surprise to have drop by.


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