May 4, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday To The Girls!




It seems like only yesterday
that they were babes in my arms.

How did time pass so quickly,
before they packed up their things
and moved out on their own?

It's so difficult to be a mother
and have to let your babies go.

To think it was only a year ago ...
but first I must explain.

You remember sweet Alberta,
my helper and garden companion ...

the one that followed me inside
should I leave the door open...

the one that was always at my side.
... a mommy's girl.


Sadly, the day arrived
when she was no longer my shadow.
She said her good-bye
and became a very special memory.


I could not imagine life without a Canada Goose. Since growing up in the Midwest, I've had a love of their musical honking and the glorious sight of them as they filled the skies.

Little did I know that someday I would find out what wonderful pets they make, what unique personalities they have and how they bond with people ... almost like a dog.
Then we had the chance to adopt a Canada Goose that was homeless, I didn't know what to expect. But I never imagined that Alberta would become the love of my life.

And now, with no Canada Goose to keep me company while I trimmed the roses, the search to find another became an urgent matter.

The Canada Goose Chase

I searched for breeders nearby, then the entire state of Califonia, and eventually the entire United States. But no breeders were found.

Finally, I located a large Commercial Game Bird Company that sold Canada goslings during the Spring ... with a minimum of six. Not being sexed, that could possibly equal 3 pairs.

Didn't think that was a plan. Things weren't looking good.

Not willing to give up, I explained to the man on the phone that even though they were a huge company, it was of upmost importance for me to find one Canada Goose. Could he please help me!

He said to call him the following spring and he would see what he could do. I'm sure he thought he was rid of me.

The following spring, I called, again. The news was bad. John explained that there would be no shipments of Canada geese to California. They were sold out and most shipments were going to the East Coast.

The East Coast?! Didn't they have enough Canada Geese back there? Aren't those the fine people that complain about the flocks of Canada Geese everywhere?

Desperate, I considered getting on the plane for the "East Coast" with a bird net in hand.

A few weeks later, I got a call from a stranger with a rather gruff sounding voice. "Are you the lady that needs a Canada goosling ?"

He was in California and had a incubator full of eggs ready to hatch. He would call at the first "peck". I was now on OB watch.

Good ol' "John" had come through for me. Perhaps, it had been my sobbing that did the trick.
When we got the call, we were out the door and on our way to Northern California.


Leaving at 4 a.m. ... we drove 450 miles and arrived just in time to see her step out of the shell, stand up and say "Hi! World!"
I reached out, picked her up and instantly became ... mom! It was the last day of April, and that became her name.
It would now be a quick trip to get this babe home. So, with the required, very official California Wildlife Fish and Game license tightly in hand, we were on our way.

Sixteen hours and 900 miles later we were back where we began ...
with our Canada gosling.


The bathtub in the guest bathroom was now a brooder
with heat lamp and thermometer in place.

She looked so tiny .... and lonely.


So, it was back in the car and another 900 mile trip...
it was now the first day of May.


April and her sister, May

It was a big world out there for them.

Safely in their "hawk proof" grazing pen,
they followed my hand and soon got the idea
of the proper goose grazing technique.

And how they grew!

Now, they are our lawn ornaments,
our entertainment and Royal's attendants.

They were worth every one of
those 1800 miles.

Happy Birthday
sweet girls !


  1. Happy Birthday, April and May! What a delightful story and how lucky you are to have them. I'll never look at Canadian geese the same way - although, when they fly over my barn at sunrise as I'm feeding the horses, in that perfect V, I have always loved them.

  2. Happy Birthday to April and May :)
    They are soo sweet...

  3. What a great story. I love to watch them, especially when big flocks land somewhere to graze and it's just a sea of birds. I don't understand the people who don't like them around. Out here it's usually the golfers who are put out that there is actually wildlife on a large green spot of land that has available water. Just like people who don't like rabbits but plant veggie gardens. If you plant rabbit food, you are gonna get rabbits. If you create a bird habitat, you are gonna get birds. Animals make so much more sense to me most of the time!
    Happy Birthday!

  4. Victoria:
    Lucky you! How wonderful that must be early in the morning! Another reason for me to pack my bags and follow the geese!

    I just passed your words on to the girls ... they started honking and that's a big "thank you"!

    You are so right! Let's make things attractive to wildlife ... and then get mad when they come to enjoy it. Crazy world!

  5. Aaw, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY April and May!! I have always loved geese and ducks of all kinds but Canada Geese just have that something extra. I can't explain it. Ever since I saw them when we went on holiday near lakes the first time I fed the ducks and geese, I just adored the Canada Geese.
    Arthist99 is so right! To me, this is the animals world and we as humans have the pleasure of sharing it with them. I don't understand how somebody could not like animals...
    Have a great birthday! Hugs, from Meg and cats xxx

  6. What a sweet and precious story. I so enjoyed every word and loved the photos. They are gorgeous! I love Canadian Geese. Yes there are many here and some see them as a bother but nor me. I adore them. I see so many babies around here of late and it tickles me so. Of course, I worry myself so about each one!

    Happy birthday April and May!! You are so lucky to have such a special home with such a special family!


  7. Happy Birthday to April and May! They have a wonderful life at the farm with you. If you ever need more of course we have a pond full who won't leave even in the winter.

  8. Happy Birthday April & May!

    A wonderful heartwarming story x

  9. Happy birthday from me too. I always enjoy your humourous stories, you tell them so well and they are very entertaining.

    I am so glad that you have had all that drainage stuff fixed up, I hate the mud and deal with it on a daily basis too. Well done on the video and Royal looks magnificent.

    Thanks for your visits to my blog which I am slacking with, hopefully I will improve, we can always hope LOL

  10. what a great story, and the photos of the geese as chicks are so gorgeous!

    happy birthday April and May!

    Leanne x

  11. Happy Birthday to April and May! What a wonderful story on how you acquired them. The geese are hatching here now - you should see the little darlings! I'll try to snap some pics for you.

  12. Kittens Mother:
    Thanks for your BD greetings. They appreciated hearing from you. And thanks for joining me in admiring the beauty of Canada Geese!

    Susie Q:
    You are surrounded by these gorgeous birds? Hummm ... just might have to get out my travel map.

    Grey Horse Matters:
    A pond full, you say?! I'll remember that. :-)

  13. Townie:
    Thanks for adding to the BD celebration with your greetings!
    It was a big deal around here.

    Keep that blog of your rolling! Greatly enjoy it and love your terrific photos!

    Thanks for joining in our celebration! Raising them was just such great fun.

    Hope you can click some photos ... would love to see them. They're so darling! PS: How do I get to your website? Send me the url, if you don't mind.

  14. Oh my! You must love Canada Geese to drive all that way for them! LOL

    I had Weeder Geese on my farm. I loved to watch them swim in the pond. I always thought they looked so beautiful.

    Glad you found someone to help you find your "girls".
    God bless.

  15. Here is my URL - I have a few posts about the Geese, Swans and The Coot that visited our pond this spring. Enjoy!

  16. What a wonderful "love story" that has warmed my heart today! April and May have always been a favorite whenever I visit your blog, but now... I can't even put it into words!

    Hugs and honks,
    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  17. Terri:
    Lucky you to have a pond where you can watch the geese. I'd sure love that!

    Thanks so much for the url to see more geese ... and other feathered creatures! What a treat.

    Rosehaven Cottage:
    So glad they get to someone else, too. They are sure special. "Hugs and honks"... aren't you clever!


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