May 11, 2008

Little Coco Creates Big Excitement

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Little Coco

At the Equestrian Center where we are surrounded
by the big horses ... the 17-18 hand warmbloods,
the Friesians with their thundering hooves,
... all was quiet at the far end of the barn.

People were whispering,
children were standing on feed buckets
straining to see over the stall door.

This was an event.

We'd waited far too long, or so we thought.

But a few days ago,
bright and early in the morning
a tiny miniature foal finally arrived
into our world.

Interesting how this little thing
has stolen the show from the big boys.

He's a cute one!


  1. Pretty darn cute! no wonder he stole the show.

  2. OMG, he is unbearably beautiful. What a wonderful mother's day gift.

  3. He is very, VERY cute indeed! The foals are allowed to be cute but the adults are very handsome. They are lovable at all ages...but you can't stop yourself from saying "aaaw" about the babies! Haha.

    Hope you are well, from Meg and cats xxx

  4. Precious!! Unique coloring, too!

  5. Seriously. Between this little fella and the goosling pictures. Cute overload. I can't take it! They are all just darling.

  6. It's a pocket pony..LOL.
    He is too cute.

  7. Oh bless his cottons, what a cutie!

  8. Hi Strawberry,
    You are the recipient of an award, stop by and pick it up when you get the chance.

  9. What a wonderful gift for mother's day. He is adorable.

    I want a canadian goose, too.

  10. Oh how wonderful! What a priceless gift!
    Grace just looked at this photo with me and she is oohing and ahhing...
    me too!!


  11. Goodness!!! No wonder this little one has stolen the show. Just one look would inspire a full-on "cute attack" in anyone!

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  12. Oh I love Friesians; who wouldn't, with their strength and handsome coats.
    Adorable photo of Little Coco.
    I wrote a column for The Gaited Horse for many years, and am stopping by to say hello, from California.


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