February 22, 2008

Royal's First Movie



Royal's mom has been trying to learn how to make a movie.
Below is try No.1 ... about this handsome boy.

We would both be simply thrilled if
you could stop by YouTube and check it out.

Just click on his name below
and we'll hope it takes you there.

Midnight's Royal Ebony

We both thank you!


  1. Royal would be very happy to see this movie :) it is very beautiful horse.
    nice video :)

  2. Royal is a beautiful boy. You did a wonderful job on the movie. I especially like the slow motion part, he just flows in time with the lovely music. Hope we can look forward to more movies?

  3. Beautiful horse, beautiful music, beautiful movie and photographs.

  4. Oh yes! Royal would be very proud if he could watch YouTube! You did a wonderful job showcasing this gorgeous boy.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  5. Very nice indeed......I could never hope to put something like that together so nicely!

  6. Very lovely movie of Royal. He is such a majestic horse yet you can still see the "boy" in him because he is such a happy soul. That is what i see above all else in your movie:a beautiful,strong,graceful horse relishing life.
    What a wonderful job you have done~not only in the movie (the movie star* included)but in raising and caring for him.
    (*don't mention this to Mousetrap)

  7. You have a beautiful horse - who moves NATURALLY and with such expression. I checked out a couple fo the other youtube videos of TWHs and gave myself a shock. One of them - a 2 year old class - made me feel physically sick to know that those horses have been ruined with "training aids" to get such an exaggerated gait. To do that to such babies too - I don't start my young horses before 4, and then they just toodle around until they are fully mature (with Welsh Cobs that is 7 or so, and Arabs are late maturers too). Give Royal a hug from me and tell him how lucky he is. Jennie

  8. I like the video & sound track from 'Gladiator', a film i worked on here in the UK
    So mixings a cool sound track to fantastic pictures, you can't go far wrong.
    Well done!
    Wayne :0)

  9. He is absolutely stunning, you must be so proud of him.

    You did a fantastic job with the video clip.. well done x

  10. be still my heart, Royal is stealing it!

  11. That was wonderful. My daughter and I are both in agreement that Royal is truly beautiful (and we're both a little in love with him :) )

    Thank you for sharing him with us.

    Kim x

  12. We all so enjoyed this movie! The music was perfect!
    Royal is amazingly beautiful, so majestic. I loved the slow motion section as we watched him move so effortlessly...magical! You can tell how much he loves life!

    I also saw the film on sweet Kayla and cried all the way through it. She was so gentle and lovely.


  13. Thanks for stopping in! Remington will be glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks he's gorgeous.

    I had to take a look at your video, nicely done! I LOVE that last photo of Royal, he is a stunning horse!

  14. What a handsome horse you have! Great video!

  15. A beautiful horse who looks good on the video.

  16. Thank you, thank you ... everyone! Appreciate all your comments. Why, it almost feels like Oscar time around here.

    Royal is thrilled about his fan mail... he reads and re-reads them everyday.

    He is so pleased he is practicing his strut and tail flagging back and forth in the barn aisleway.

    He is just one happy fella, right now.

  17. Royal is one gorgeous horse, and spirited.

    Nice movie. I love the closing shot.

  18. Wow, the music and horse and photos...they went together beautifully.

    You actually can edit too. When my husband and I take videos, we get all kinds of extra stuff in ours.

    You did a great job and Royal is gorgeous!

  19. Wow, you haven't posted in a while. I'm hoping everything is ok in your life. Just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you.

  20. Just found your blog and love it! I love the geese with your sweet horse - so cute - I had an Ebony too for twenty years - she was the love of my life - yours looks to be the same and a real beauty


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