February 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mark

It seems like only yesterday
I was surrounded by your smile

And held my dear sweet baby boy
so closely in my arms ...

I studied every line and toe
upon your tiny feet ...

I thought you'd stay that way forever ...
never thinking you'd grow up.


But then the day did come ..
away from home you moved.

So empty was the place you left
... so impossible to fill

I truly thought my heart would break
But knew the time was here.

How proud I've always been of you
You are what I knew you'd be

A grownup charming VIP
But still a son to me.

I'd like to turn back the clock
and have my child, again.

But even so, some things don't change
no matter how the years may go.

You'll always be my little boy
The babe that filled my arms.

How happy now to wish to you
Another year of joy.

And in your memory box you'll find
your very first birthday candle
along with well worn books and toys.

Each one to me a treasure
of my one and only son.

Happy Birthday, Mark !

I Love You,


  1. That is so beautiful. You are lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have you.

  2. That was lovely and brought a tear to my eye. Especially as my own son is already a young man at 12yrs. It's scary how the time flies.

    Kim x

  3. That was a beautiful birthday post for your son. I am sure it will touch his heart. They grow up so fast my "baby" boy will be 29 this year, just got married and his wife is expecting in August. Time flies by so fast doesn't it.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mark. I have watched you grow up. From Day One, you are and have been a daily joy and blessing to your mom. I love you, too.

  5. What a precious tribute. He was absolutely adorable...that first picture just melted my heart!
    Beautiful eyes...

    Happy Birthday to your handsome son!


  6. That was a lovely post for your son! Our son is 27 years young! Isn't it funny how the time flies? Was his birthday the 14 or 15? Mine is Feb. 14 and I WON'T tell you how old I am! (tee hee!)

  7. What a beautiful birthday wish and tribute!


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