January 31, 2008

Yikes! I've Been Hit By The "Me Me Me" Tag!

It seems that while I’ve been reading all the interesting “Me-Me Tag” lists which other people have written ... I’ve been tagged 4 times, humm ... or was it 5?

Here’s the deal. If you are tagged, you are to write 7 unknown details about yourself.

The rules of the game are this:
Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you. Then tag 7 people and link to them. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Now, I would like to express my profound appreciation to my "very dear friends" who tagged me. Ummm ... thanks. Be sure to check them out (and keep an eye on them.) They are: Scary's West, Teachings of the Horse, Regarding Horses, and Mud Ranch. (sorry if I missed anyone).
Two tags were to Simply Marvelous, but were sent over here since she doesn’t talk much.
I’m not sure I can come up with 7 things ...four times. However, I am sure no one wants to read 28 things about yours truly. But ... here goes:

List of 7 things for:
Scary's West
1. Ok, I’ll just jump right in and get it over with: I wore hot pants, knee boots and long hair to my waist during my senile years. (Oh, stop laughing, it was”groovy”, then.)
2. I’d rather clean the barn than the house. Any cobwebs scattered around the house are from Halloween. They might be there next year, as well.
3. I worked at Paramount Studios, took my sister to lunch at the commissary. She swears Tom Hanks was making eyes at her.
4. I have sweaters from my high school days and still wear them.
5. I hurried off to a big horse show once, wandered into the wrong building, there was a horse sale going on, bought a horse, never got to the horse show.

6. I have English hunt prints on the walls of the barn stalls. We have no cribbers. Looks mighty spiffy.

7. I love convertibles, but never put the top down.


List of 7 things for: Teachings of the Horse

1. I live in Southern California, but would rather live in New England or Virginia or wherever I can have a big farm with lots of trees and green and can collect horses.

2. I’m still upset “Babe” didn’t win the Oscar.

3. I came home on the final voyage of the Queen Mary sailing from France. I was a young music student in Paris. No, I am not ancient.

4. Refrigerators are not my friend. I’d rather do windows.

5. I’m a professional musician, started piano at age 3, gave first recital at age 6, performed in Europe, made recordings and (tah-dah) got paid doing this.

6. I gave my kids the “Jungle Book” video/DVD for Christmas this year. They are adults, but it was a “mom” thing.

7. I collect cook books, old and new, but don’t like to cook. Love reading cooking blogs. Have thrown dinner parties. So far, people have survived, everyone except me.


List of 7 things for: Regarding Horses

1. I get restless when not remodeling or at least tearing something up or down, whatever the case may be.

2. I still can’t part with my very high heels.

3. While in Spain, I accidentally wandered into a silent monastery, was amazed how friendly they were as they wildly waved their arms at me. I was quickly shown the gate.

4. I'm somewhat of a fashion setter. I select outfits that go with my paddock boots.

5. I went skiing in Colorado, but had more fun hanging out by the fireplace.

6. I make lists for everything and then spend time looking for them.

7. I married the greatest guy in the world. I immediately hung a “taken” sign around his neck. It’s still there. He's a keeper.


List of 7 things for: Mud Ranch
1. I raced catamarans. I was the one hiking out over the Pacific Ocean in a trapeze. Oh, yah, I got dumped plenty of times.
2. If there are Fritos in the house, I’ll find them. I do not share.
3. I love my spinning wheel, very relaxing working with wool from our alpacas and then making afghans and other comfy things.
4. My name is on the wall at the LA Music Center (no, it’s not graffiti). It is near that of Bob Hope and just under Peggy Lee. Check it out, really, no kidding.
5. I love to throw parties, but would rather be alone.
6. I spend time making blog tag lists about myself, instead of cleaning my house, or painting the walls I haven’t finished. Thanks, you spared me.
7. I’m an animal collector, have a real soft spot for anything that needs to be fed, petted, groomed, looked after and loved.

Yehhhh... that's 28 things!

If any of you are still around,
you deserve some kind of badge of courage.

Now ... it’s my turn to do the tagging.
I’ll be back.

It could be ... you!


  1. Well, you are a trooper - and that's a very fine list of life experiences and things to be proud of - and I did say that you didn't have to do it if you didn't want to - but I'm glad you did! Thanks, now let's get back to the beach.

  2. My goodness, there is nothing boring about your list or life. You have done many wonderful things and it's a good thing too since you have been tagged so many times. Sure hope you don't tag me.

    p.s. thank you for your comment, hope that you and your husband are starting to feel a little better, it takes time.

  3. Wow!! Well done. I thought seven was hard.

    I was interested that you are a professional musician. My Mum is too!

    That was four good lists.

  4. I have really enjoyed reading about you, and getting to know you a little better..and thank Victoria of Teachings of the Horse for sending me your way, via our timely Memes.
    Reading your blog and others like it, has helped me deal with being 'horseless' at this time, and keeps my fire fueled and my focus sharpened, to change our circumstances to where we will have them, again!
    Thanks for all the sharing.
    Aryd'ell in the Western Carolina Smokys

  5. Revelation of the day ... Simply Marvelous and Strawberry Lane are one and the same! I've been reading both but never caught on that they were the same person. Sometimes I'm sharp, and sometimes I'm not. Ah well!

    I'm impressed you came up with 28 things; I thought it was hard to get just 7. I think the most interesting is that you are a professional pianist. I love meeting musicians who are equestrians, or equestrians who are musicians (i'm both too!).

  6. Hahahahaha! I couldn't stop laughing when I read the 7...I mean 28 things about yourself:) That is pretty impressive! I love the point when you said about the skiing trip in Colorado and you spent it by the fire. That would be me too! I also love the picture of the chicken at the end, that made me laugh more. I laughed so much my cheeks are hurting!:)
    When you said you would rather clean the barn than the house, I used to do the same when I had the kittens. I would rather empty and disinfect all of the litter trays than do the ironing etc. But most of all, I loved just sitting on my bed watching as the kittens with their mums were cleaned and fed and the kittens whose time it was to play out ran theirselves out around the room and climbing up the scratching posts. There is nothing better than caring for animals and spending time with them.
    Great post and an enjoyable read! From Meg and the cats xxx

  7. Great 28! I really enjoy learning more about everyone!

  8. I followed the path here from Teachings of the Horse - and see familiar faces and of course this wonderful blog!

    I'm on my way out but will be back to explore the archives. :)

  9. OH, I can't believe you did a list for each tag, you really are a glutton for punishment. I thought I was doing good in giving them all their appropriate links! LOL

    Finding people to tag is a task unto itself. I tried not to duplicate or you'd have ended up with even more!! Aren't you glad I tried not to duplicate tags. You'll notice I said tried, I did find I was NOT successful and tagged someone who was already tagged. I think, I did anyway, who can tell with the convuluted mess. I agree with Tracey, it is a virus! LOL

    Are there really places for big horse farms in Vermont? It is such a little state.

    I am so with you on the cobwebs! The only bad thing is I have bad allergies to dust and I'm pretty sure the cobwebs aren't helping that situation. But taking them down could only make more dust, don't ya think? LOL

    I would like to see some pictures of the catamaran racing days. That sounds like a blast.

    I'm still laughing that you did FOUR whole lists! LOL you are so much better a sport than I!

  10. Wow what a post,you really did make me laugh and the chicken at the end is fabulous,thank God for people with a sense of humour!Well done to you!Love from Kathyann and the girls

  11. That wasn't all that boring! I actually read the entire list:) lol!

  12. You do have a fine list of life experiences and things to be proud of anyone would envy! Wow!!!

    I love that you know how to spin. I have a working spinning wheel. It was in pieces, but an Amishman put it together for me and said it can be used.

    It seems that it would be very hard to learn, though. Now it is decoration for my back entry.

    Besides your musical talent and training, you also take great pictures and write sensitive, interesting stories. I love reading about your animals.

  13. Wow...you truly are an amazing lady and I feel proud to *know* you!
    You have lived a life full and rich and so very interesting. There was absolutely nothing boring about one thing on these lists and I read every word!
    You are a trouper for finishing such a huge list too.

    We do share a few things...not that my name is on a wall anywhere, unless someone added "For a GOOD time, DON'T call Sue...." *grin*

    I do share your cookbook love. I also read food blogs and cut out recipes and watch the Food Channel...but I am not a great cook. I cook a few things well but only a few. : ) I do try some new things from time to time but not often I guess. I just love to read the books!

    I envy your animal *collections*.
    : ) Our 3 would be joined by many more if I had the space or lived on a farm. You have the sweetest life!

    Thank you for a very enjoyable post!


  14. I have not visited in ages, life took over for a while and thanks for your visit to my blog it got me motivated to get going again, it was good to hear from you.

    I loved this post thanks so much and I have a lot more reading to do on your blog to catch up.



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