January 13, 2008

But Do They Get Along?

Royal in Alpaca Pen
Many times I have been asked how our horses get along with the alpacas. I suppose this comes from the unlikely combination, as well as the fact that it seems horses are afraid of llamas.

Llamas, of course, are much larger, somewhat more imposing and apparently too strange for horses to consider casually. Whereas, the alpacas are about the size of a large sheepdog.

On the day of this photo, Royal made the choice. He could have stayed in his own quarters and not pushed the gate open and joined the alpacas, but on up the hill he went. This boy has a mind of his own and loves being with them.

At night he could stay in his stall, but much prefers to stand outside the alpaca pen with his head over their gate. I think it has something to do with their peacefulness.

The alpacas have a wonderful philosophy of life ... it is all about being calm. It is really rather nice to sit on the bench and try to absorb their tranquility.


  1. I'm thinking yes, they all get along just fine. They look relxed in the pic. Cute animals those alpaca's!

  2. Very cute. I have never seen an alpaca in real life but they look quite fluffy. lol

  3. Royal seems to like the Alpacas. We have thought of getting a few for the farm, they are simply adorable. It's going to be a hard decision to choose between Alpacas,Sheep or a miniature Donkey. The list keeps getting longer, and I'm afraid we might just have to get them all!

  4. Grey Horse Matters,
    As my sister says about our farm, we end up getting at least two of everything.

    That might be the solution to your list, also. :-)

  5. How lovely that they all get along and what a great picture!!love from Kathyann and the girla at meg's mum's muffins

  6. I bet they practice yoga and chant om when no one is watching.

  7. So glad they all get on, such an unlikely match up LOL. I really enjoyed this picture. Royal is a special horse!!



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