January 12, 2008

Have I Mentioned The Alpacas?

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Hobi Bear, Rembrandt and Napoleon
Probably the most enjoyable, peaceful creatures on this earth!
Life is simple with them. They are quiet, gentle and easy care,
great for the environment and my roses simply love them.
We have raised alpacas since 1989
and were one of the first farms in the U.S.
to know the pleasure of their company.
I really must take out their photo album and tell you all about them.
Each one was special and always adorable.
Here are just two of our babies.

Alexandra ~ sweet beyond sweet.

Juliette ~ An armful of love


  1. Aaw they are so cute! And great names too!
    That is one of the few animals we have never owned;) I have never really thought about having alpacas before. We have always said we would like at least one horse, a Shetland Pony, a donkey, a couple of cows (Mum's idea), pigmy goats, a couple of pot-bellied pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, an aviary with different indoor sections for finches, budgies and cockatiels and my ideas are a Saint Bernard/Bernese Mountain Dog/Newfoundland, 2 Westies (I love those breeds of dog) and obviously not forgetting our dogs, cats, birds and hamster that we already have...but have never thought of alpacas. Well, I think that's one more thing to add to the list!! LOL
    Best Wishes, from Meg and cats xxx

  2. How do the alpacas get along with your horses? I've thought about them as a companion animal - don't tell my poor husband - we have too many animals already - Their personalities are different from llamas, I hear. Do you do anything with the wool? They are so adorable with those big beautiful eyes.

  3. I have always wanted Llamas. Those babies are extremely cute.

    They have such beautiful, expressive eyes. Do your horses find them scary? A boarding stable where I kept my horse years ago took in a few llamas, and my horse was terrified of them. (He wasn't big on other species.)

    And what do you do with them? I've wanted to go llama trekking but probably never will.

  4. The Kittens' Mother:
    Oh, you really should add alpacas to that wonderful list you have. You would be smitten!

    Our horses are very attached to the alpacas. There is something very peaceful about the alpacas that seems to be good for the horses.

    Royal always stands by the alpaca pen at night with his head over their gate, even though he could be in his stall.

    Sometimes, the alpacas cruise into the barn (when a gate is left open) and they wander into the horse stalls. Nobody seems to care.

    Alpaca personalities are greatly different from the llamas. The alpacas are small and easy to manage. They are mellow and happiest as a herd. A single alpaca would be quite miserable.

    As for our experiences with llamas, they are more independent and assertive. Being larger, that can be a problem. However, they make wonderful guard animals and seem to cope better if there is only one.

    But both alpacas and llamas are basically herd animals and do best as a group. (3 works out ok)

    As for the wool, it is finer than cashmere. The alpacas are sheared in the spring and I keep the wool, have it processed and then spin it. Have made afghan blankets that are simply luxurious. When we had the big herd, I sold the wool to local spinners.

    You are right, horses seem to be quite afraid of llamas. I understand that llama trekking is wonderful. You can go places with them that don't allow horses.

    We have alpacas, which are about the size of a big sheepdog. They are much different from the llamas. Horses seem to be attracted to them and none of our horses have been afraid of them.

    The alpacas are much like having a herd of sheep and the babies are hopelessly adorable.

  5. Would a coyote go after an alpaca? I know that the llamas that my friend has protect her other animals from the coyotes. I never thought there would be such a coyote problem in New England. When we left California, I had hoped we had left them behind. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I'm not going to have another herd of anything for a while.

  6. Victoria,
    Oh no, not coyotes in New England, too?! Last spring one Olympic star jumped our fences and wiped out most of our chickens at about 2:00 in the afternoon ... right in front of us.

    Over the years, we've never had a problem with the coyotes bothering the alpacas. Perhaps it is the alpaca stance when alert to something.

    So, you're not going to have a herd of anything for awhile?

    Discipline like that is so difficult for me. I'm trying to control myself about draft horses.
    I haven't sold that idea here, yet.

  7. oh my goodness,they are soooo cute.

  8. oh oh oh!! They are so very cute!

    I met an alpaca last summer, Teddy by name, teddybear by nature, I just wanted to cuddle him!! and I found myself lost in his deep brown eyes... :-) How I wished he was nine!

    Leanne x

  9. OMG! Don't give me anymore ideas. I almat came home with llama for 10 bucks at an auction once. My husband would kill me! They are so cute!

  10. alpacas are very nice animals to be around. We have a tiny farm South of our place that has a few alpacas. They are so gentle!

  11. Oooooh dont get me started!!! I am bad enough with my foals, these little guys are just too cute, I could see myself getting addicted to them too. Will you look at those cute little faces, just wanna ((((Hug))))) them.


  12. Although I have crocheted with alpaca, I have never actually touched one! There IS a farm near to where Jasper lives that has alpacas. When I take him out for a walk, he stares off in the distance at them. I'm sure he is trying to figure out if they are weird looking horses!

  13. I didn't know how very luxurious their wool was in comparison to cashmere.

    You spin the wook yourself? (I have a real working spinning wheel, but no idea what to do with it) How did you learn to do it?

    The alpacas have the sweetest faces I think I have ever seen. I want to pick up the soft black baby alpaca and hold him. He looks so soft.

  14. aaaah these are just so gorgeous,like Meg says we are going to have to add these to the endless list!!!love from Kathyann and the girls at Meg' mum's muffins

  15. Also, is that you?

  16. Thanks to all of you for stopping by and hugging our alpaca. There are more, so prepare yourselves! :-)

    Yes, 'tis I ... but not yesterday.


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