January 8, 2008

Royal's Day In The Sun

After all the rains and being stuck in his stall,

Royal finally got out for a royal romp in the arena, today.


  1. oh my! Can Royal be any more beautiful?

  2. I agree with barngoddess, Royal looks stunning.

  3. OOOOOHHHHHH, isn't he gorgeous?! I love him to bits! He has to be the most beautiful, elegant horse I have ever seen:)
    Sorry to hear you haven't been so lucky with the storms. Like they say "it's good weather for ducks and geese"...just not for humans and horses!! Hope it all clears soon.
    As for the cats, I think that's a fantastic idea for feral and homeless cats to be given jobs by the police. It saves having to use rat poisons and traps (neither of which I agree to using), it gives the feral/homeless cats a home (kind of) and the best thing is that the cats won't be put to sleep just because they are feral. Like you say, spaying and neutering would fix the problem of too many cats, AND dogs.
    Sorry I haven't visited for a few days, I haven't been on the computer and have been busy starting a new cross stitch that is one level up in difficulty, so I'm getting used to a slightly harder chart.
    Good luck with the weather and the cleaning up. Wish I could be there to lend a helping hand:) from Meg and cats xxx

  4. Yay for Royal!!!!! He looks so happy with his pranciness (is that a word?).

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  5. Royal is wonderful! He moves like he knows he's a king. My Silk would just love him. That's her kind of guy!

  6. I think Royal is about the most beautiful horse I've ever seen, too. He looks so happy to be out in the arena.

    It looks like your water diversion work was successful.

    It is supposed to start to dry up where I live. Hopefully it will do the same for your area.

    P.S. I loved the feral cat story. Thanks for posting it.

  7. Thanks for your comments on Royal. I have passed the word on to him. Sure does cost me lots more carrots, now.

    About the video, that was my first try. Had no idea how big a file I could upload. Will keep experimenting.

  8. And here I sit, feeling sorry for you in all that water. Now I see you've got an arena! Pffft...complain to the hand...

    (BTW...Royal is a beauty!)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Royal looks as though he's really enjoying his time outside. The rain looks as though it's been pretty awful, being British of course I'm used to a lot of rain:) We've been getting the same thing here and it isn't much fun especially accompanied by strong winds and low temps. The woods where I walk B Baggins closely resemble a swamp in many places. Hope you are in better shape now and back on dry land.

  11. Royal is a beautiful boy. Glad he got a chance to kick up his heels and the weather is cooperating.

  12. Tracey,
    I'll try again on the reply deleted above. (spelling, you know)
    Now about that arena ... do I get any sympathy if I say it is a mile away?

  13. He's a very pretty mover. Is he any particular breed?

  14. Hi Sarah,
    Royal is a Tennessee Walker (Plantation) horse.

    He has a wonderfully smooth gait and gentle spirit.


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