January 29, 2008

A Day With The Camera ~ Dana Point

The rain has stopped ...

the sun shows promise

... off to the seashore

and Dana Point Marina.

Sunshine !

The Mast Jungle

Feeding Time


California Brown Pelican

Out To Sea


  1. Beautiful Pictures!
    And a beautiful horse!
    From an East Coast Horse Lover,
    Sandy Sandy

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  3. Beautiful pictures, so tranquil, I love the sea and the sunshine. So nice to live near a location like that.

  4. Oh wow! What a gorgeous place!! We live an hour away from the beach if we go to Blackpool and a little longer if we went to Morecambe (pronounced as "Morcum"). Although our waters are more of a disgusting brown colour...not very inviting, put it that way! It's definitely not a beautiful blue sea like yours and we only get seagulls for uninvited company unlike the big pelicans on the marina in the photo. :)
    You are very lucky!
    Hope everyone is well, love from Meg and cats xxx

  5. These are all beautiful photographs. I especially liked the one with all the boats and masts. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. It makes me homesick for California! I'm so glad you were able to enjoy a gorgeous day at the beach.

  7. I love the Pacific Coast....It seems like another world to me. So beautiful!

  8. Beautiful photographs. Well done.

  9. Wow...great pictures! I am so glad you got a break from the rain!!!

    I agree with Grey Horse Matters that you are fortunate to live close to such a gorgeous place.

  10. Lovely photos...I do so love the Pacific Coast...it is such a calming place for me...My daughter and her husband lived in California for about 2 years...in Huntington Beach...we just loved visiting them while they were there...they have moved to the mountians now...Colorado in fact...Thanks for sharing your beautiful world...

    Oh...and I feel so terrible that I made you cry over my comment about Kayla...I just found it interesting to read your stories about her warmth and beauty...to find that she had a beautiful heart on her face...as if God had placed it there...for all the world to know she was a sweetheart...just at first glance. I know your pain...I lost a sweet pup just a few years ago...her name was Bella...and I loved her with every ounce of my being...we only had her for 4 glorious months...seems she was stricken with Addisons disease...she rallied many times...but after 4 short months her tiny body couldn't fight any longer...she was the sweetest most affectionate angel of a pup...she was also a yellow lab...and I swore I would NEVER have another pup or dog...I didn't want the pain of that again...but alas...after much coaxing from my lovin' hubbin' we picked up our Maggie...and we love her like a child. I do still miss our Bella though...but all my memories are fond...and isn't that the way it should be.



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