August 14, 2007


Now, this boy has a story.
It begins with: "It was a dark, rainy night ...".
We heard a sorrowful meow at the door and there he was. He had the most pleading eyes ever and he was simply soaked to the skin. It was difficult to tell just how old he was, but certainly not more than six months old.
We already had a household staff of cats and we knew that asking him to face that crew would not be the best plan for this little boy who had obviously been traveling a fair distance.
So, we bundled him up and it was off to the hay barn with blankets, food and everything that would make him at least comfortable for the night.
We expected him to be gone in the morning.
Much to our surprise, there he was still curled up on the top bale of hay looking like he had just found home.
He officially moved in, found a job in the barn and soon became pals with the horses and the best friend of the dog. In time, the two traveled the farm everywhere ... together.
The hay barn is still his, as well as the barn, the porch chairs, and any shady place in the garden.
Has he moved into the house yet?
Well, actually, yes. But that is another "rainy night" story.


  1. I absolutely Love this site. I cannot compliment you enough for the writing and photography.

    If you write a book, I will buy it. (preferably autographed)

    It is 2:30 a.m. but, I am looking forward to reading every story here.

    Thank you so much for sharing your link!

  2. Hi Jolynna,
    What an inspiration you are !!
    Thanks for reading through my little experiment.

    Seems difficult to imagine anyone would be interested in my backyard. But I'm sure fascinated by the lives of others, especially if they live in the country ... and have lots of trees.

    Oh my, how I miss trees. So, looking at the photographs on your site is a real treat for me.


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