August 1, 2007

Are We Really A Farm?

The Fat Ladies making the rounds

Not sure we truly qualify as a farm. By location, one would say no. But because of the occupants that call this place home, it must be.
Then, of course, we have a barn, a hay loft, a chicken house and the caretakers quarters, that's where we live. We have no pastures to till, or crops to harvest, but we do have one Cottonwood tree planted soon after our arrival. That makes it a farm, at least we like to think so.
We are a bit of a strange pair. When most people in Southern California are heading to the beach, we are out saddling up the horses and heading down the trail.

Some of our best entertainment is when we are out visiting with friends and we make mention of having to leave early to feed the horses. Most people understand a stable off somewhere, but at home? And what really gets the attention is when we say that it's also time to put the chickens to bed.

Oddly enough, however, our friends have now added us to their list of places to take visiting guests. It seems that we're right up there with Disneyland and Universal Studios. We've become the ... who would believe it ... place to see.

Seems rather ordinary to us.


  1. WOW Marvel...I just spent some quality time reading this and admiring the pictures and your clever comments!

  2. Hi! My name is Brooke Stewart and I live in Mt. Pleasant, MI. I have been riding horses my whole life and hope to make it into a career one day. I'am in my senior year of high school and will soon be making the trip to California to get my senior pictures taken. My brother went to college in California and graduated from photo journalism school about a year ago. I would love to have a few of my pictures taken with my horse but I just sold my jumping mare to put money aside for college. My question is, could I use one of your horses for my pictures. I have been looking for farms around the Malibu area where my brother lives. Plesae e-mail me back if this is something you would consider. Thank you so much for your time.

    From, Brooke Stewart

  3. Hi Brooke,

    We are a very long way from Malibu. But there are lots of horse ranches in the Malibu area.

    I'm sure you could find a beautiful horse and someone that would help you get a great photograph.

    I've added a link of a ranch in Malibu. Perhaps contact them.

    Also, there is the LA Equestrian Center, which has many, many horses and people.

    Hope this is helpful.
    Good luck.


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