August 28, 2007

Dear Santa ...

Percheron Team

Ok, I actually called about these horses. I really think we need these boys here on our farm.
The problem is ... where.
I've pretty much walked the entire (um-uh) North Forty, even considered moving the barn ... yah, really.
I asked the neighbors if they would like to move ... but so far, I don't think that is working out.
Since we're keeping all our other critters, I'm afraid things might get a little cosy.
So, I got to thinking and remembered that in the olden days in Denmark the farmers and horses shared portions of the house
You know ... this just might work.


  1. stunning!

    they can come live w/ me....I have 30 acres and only ONE lonely horse.....

  2. OK, if you do that, I want to see pictures. Especially of them going through the doors of the house! lol

  3. Barngoddess,
    30 acres and one horse?!

    We need to fix that! And, I'll say that is one beautiful horse you have!

    Rising Rainbow,
    My husband is getting worried, I think!

    Yhey probably will go "through" the doors of the house. :-)

    Will keep camera handy.

  4. Those are beautiful, beautiful horses. I love them.

    Barngoddess, I just got an e-mail from someone wanting to GIVE AWAY their horse, because they just graduated from college and will be working overseas. I can forward you a picture and the information. The horse is in Michigan, now.

    She's 16 hands, 11 years old and a registered thoroughbred.

    In the meantime, Strawberry Lane, I will be expecting to see pictures of you and your other pets in your home enjoying life with the new additions to your family!

  5. Jolynna,
    Sure hope Barngoddess takes that TB. What's another mouth to feed?
    We need to help her fill up that 30 acres. :-)

    About "my boys". My husband says my dream horses are a fantasy.
    Humm ... another problem to solve.


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