August 3, 2007

The Guard Dog

Kayla was a rescue dog. Our long time Irish Setter companion, Daisy, had just died and we were in dreadful shape ... we badly needed to be rescued. Then we found Kayla.

She came highly recommended with eight years proven history of making people happy. Her former parents were moving away and they were looking for the perfect place for Kayla to call home. We were the lucky people ... we were that place.
This sweet girl came with an impressive resume'. She had a background in social communications and even graduated magna cum laude from the School of Proper Dog Behavior.
She also had advanced degrees in both Patience and Obedience and had received honors in the areas of calmness, gentleness and happy disposition. She was a certified ... People Therapist.
Kayla is an adorable Golden Retriever that lives up to their wonderful reputation. How comforting it is to have this sweet girl to guard our farm and critters and most of all just being with us.
One of the first things Kayla did when she arrived at the farm was to check out the horses ... from the safe side of the fence. Even though this was new stuff for her, it became her regular spot for several mornings... carefully evaluating the big black occupants on the other side of the gate.

It wasn't long before Kayla was on the other side of the fence. The horses consider dogs to be old stuff around the barn, so after a sniff or two, Kayla decided that her favorite place to be was in the barn.

However, she hardly had time to stretch out before she was off to the dog show. And, sure enough, she won a ribbon. We had ourselves a real ... winner !

But more adventures awaited our new girl. It was time to check out the things at the nearby seashore. That was an adventure ! She was one wet pup when she finally arrived home. What a day!

I think she is going to like it here with us.

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