October 14, 2012

Then and Now

There are lots of "Then and Now's" around here ... such as us I could post photos of my teenage years and the now, but I didn't want to scare the horses. So that's not a go.

Then I thought about our "Get Real" construction adventures. There have been some real ... "Then and Now's".

First an explanation. "Through the years" we've had the habit of buying fixer-uppers in great locations. We oddly called it fun.

Then, we took on ... "House Number Six"!

The location was terrific ... the house and property a disaster.  What you see is what we got.

For clarification, this is the  ..."Then"
Click photo to enlarge
And the "Now" ...

Click photo to enlarge

Oh, I forgot to say. My good looking movie star did the trenching, digging, hauling, hammering, sawing ... you get it.

And yes, we planted each tree, dug every hole, watered as required. So far, so good.

About the stone walls, we drove 2 hours to a perfect place and gathered the grey river rocks one at a time.  The old lady in the photo built the rock walls.

Friends ask us why we don't hire a crew. The answer is simple: we are always the cheapest bid.

We're almost ready for "house number seven".  Almost ...



  1. Just beautiful what you've done with your former "disaster"!
    We've also had a few fixer uppers so I can appreciate all the work that went into the make over.

  2. Oh my, thats hell a lot of effort, and is soooooo beautiful. Bringing up a home is quite a skill. I loved it.

    well done :)

  3. Wow, whata difference. I love those stone wall and terraces. All it needs now is a donkey:)

  4. I have to laugh at your response to why you do all the work yourselves. That's always our reason too. I LOVE how all the trees you planted have filled in and made like a forest canopy. It is beautiful! I remember how much drainage work you had to do. The after pic shows it was all worth it.

  5. Well done!! There's nothing quite like a completed project to create a feeling of extreme satisfaction...you've done a magnificent job!! And, that's no old lady in that picture - that's a "can do" woman!! :)

  6. Number 7? I can't imagine leaving such a beautiful place.

  7. So glad you're back - love the after photo - that stone wall is a piece of art!

  8. Love that ,truly!!!
    And, of course yoiur the chespest...but don't forget the deposit of " pure Joy " gardening gives you!!
    Fantastic designing, and beautiful plantings.

    Thanks for your ever charming comments at my place!

  9. More than a renovation -- a re-creation!

  10. Hi Marvel,

    Thanks for your kind words regarding Star. She's our goofy loving girl, and we are so sad that we cannot do more for her. The Big Cry is coming soon.

  11. Thanks to all for your comments. This really has been some project!!

    'Twas a feel good to get your pat on the back ... because it took a fair amount of "other pats" to stay on the chain gang.


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