June 11, 2008

Charlie Goes Shopping

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Dad said that I'd been such a good boy
he'd take me shopping and that
I could
pick out any toy I wanted !

We looked at the toys on both sides
of the aisle and on every shelf.

I knew right away which one I wanted.
See that Hula Girl on the floor?
That's for me !

Dad said to check all the toys ...
'cuz I could only get one.

But it was the Hula Girl.
I was sure!

I gave her the road test ...
even twirled her around a few times.

Yep ... she's the one !

So it was off to the checkout counter.
Dad said I could even pay
for my new girlfriend, myself.
When the other lady finished,
I walked right up to the counter
holding tight to my new Hula Girl!
What a great day !


  1. I was wondering how Charlie was fitting in with you. Now I know. :) Love the second from last photo - what a face! Have a great day.

  2. Charlie, I am glad you had such a good shopping trip. I wish I made shopping decisions as easy as you do! Enjoy your hula-girl!

  3. Aaw, Charlie is so sweet! Maybe you could teach him to carry the rest of the shopping:)

    Here in England, no dogs are allowed in shops or stores. Only guide dogs for the blind. If we were allowed and we took Ceri's dog, Maggie, she would have ALL of the toys off the shelves and keep as many in her mouth as possible! (She is a very, very active dog!) haha.

    Glad you all had a good day, from Meg and cats xxx

  4. Charlie is just a great dog. And I love the hula girl he picked out. Our Quebee would have that one for sure :)

    Have a great weekend
    The Netherlands

  5. Charlie is absolutely adorable, I love Golden's. I hope the relationship with his Hula Girl lasts a long time and she doesn't fly apart at the seams!

  6. You know, Charlie, I think I would have picked the hula girl too! Such a great choice.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

    P.S. to Charlie's Mom:
    I got your comment you left on the post about deer and the logging truck. I'm a "treehugger" too and I'm happy to report that the logs coming down from the mountain were being removed from a devastating burn area from last summer. All the logs I saw going down the hill had scorching on their trunks and were coming from a great cleanup effort of national forest land. Yay! I was so happy it was an example of responsible stewardship.

  7. I'll bet Charlie looks like he's doing the hula when he gets that beautiful tail wagging. Our dog still has the first toy she ever got, and more than 13 years later, she still sleeps with her "little fish" every night.

  8. This is such a great post, I love the photo where he's taking his hula girl to the chechout:) Charlie looks so happy and is obviously settling in beautifully in his new home.

  9. What a lucky boy Charlie is. He looks so happy with his toy, and his new home :)

    Kim x

  10. He is so darn cute, makes me want to pinch his cheeks and scratch behind his ears. Glad he's fitting in well!!

  11. This was a wonderful post!!
    This is the sweetes of doggie faces! This was such a great post and what a huge smile it put on my face!

    Charlie...you have fun with your hula girl!


  12. Here I am playing catchup again, I am trying to discipline myself and improve a bit each day LOL.

    I love Charlie and can see exactly why you fell in love with him the minute you was him, what a lucky dog to have found you and for you to find him. I loved the shopping expedition!!!!

    Hope all is well with you, I would love to be sailing too, I am scared of the sea but I do like to be on the water. We watch that program "Deadliest Catch" on TV where they fish for the king crab and other crab and boy that is enough to put anyone off sailing for life, those guys are amazing.

    ((((Hugs))))) for all the critters



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