June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day !

We're out the door with our perfect dad
for a fun day on the water.
We're heading to Dana Point Harbor
and what a beautiful day!
We'll add photos when we get back!
To all of you!
Have a wonderful Father's day!


  1. Have a great time! Happy Father's Day to your husband too.

  2. Have a lovely day! See you when you get back...can't wait to see the photos!
    Happy Father's Day, from Meg and cats xxx

  3. I enjoy the way you describe a typical day for you, in your About Me section (dogs, cats, barn, horses, painting and gardening).
    Sound like your Father's Day was good; we had a bbq at our house with our two sons and in honor of my husband. He volunteered to do the barbequeing. We had a toast to my dad who is in heaven.

  4. This looks like a fabulous blog but are the entries not dated?


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