July 5, 2008

Captain Charlie

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I'm the ruler of the sea!
No, really I am !


I'm even in charge of the pilot house
and have the attention of all the crew.
See ... don't I look adorable !
They even ring a bell when I come aboard.

I just love having my
very own deck chair.

Sure would like to take you all for a cruise.
I'd even wear my
Charlie, the Captain, hat!


  1. Charlie is too cute.

    Glad to see that you're all o.k. Kind of wondering what was happening what with the forest fires out that way ("that way" being California).


  2. Charlie is adorable. I think he's more suited to laying in the deck chair than any other first mate I've ever seen.

  3. Sign me up charlie!
    I'd even where my "ship's Steward" hat for a ride on your boat.

  4. I hope Charlie has his sea-legs!!
    When are we going to get an update on the gorgeous black horse of yours? ;)
    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  5. Oh Gosh, Charlie is so cute!

  6. Charlie is a cutie, beautiful photos. He´s doing great so to see. And he loves being the captain :)


  7. Lucky dog! Looks like a fun time.

  8. We've been wondering where you've been - so glad that you're having fun on the water this summer - Charlie looks so happy. He's a great fit for your wonderful family.

  9. So glad to see more photos of Charlie - he obviously enjoys life at sea. Hope he's a better sailor than I am:)

  10. Aren't you the special nautical dog! What a wonderful life you have!


  11. Charlie is just so wonderful...I know I would just annoy him so much
    becasue I would want to hug and hug him! : )
    I would be proud to serve with Captain Charlie!



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