July 16, 2008

Room With A View

Click on photo to enlarge
My view of Royal from my desk ...
and Royal's view of me from the barn.
It seems that Royal has figured out
the exact place to stand where
he can see me, perfectly.
He also knows the minute I leave the room.
I hear a loud whinny, which, of course,
means he gets my undivided attention.
He's quite irrestible, you know.


  1. That's a beautiful view, and how lovely that he keeps an eye on you :)

    Kim x

  2. Thats great! What a nice yard and stable.
    When I am at my sister's place, where I keep my horse, and we are in the dining room, we can look out across the yard and at the horses in their pasture. They always see our movement in the house and turn their heads to us, thinking we're going to come out and feed them. I always give My Boy a wave! ;)

  3. What a beautiful peaceful view you have of each other.

  4. It looks so green for summer in California! Beautiful. Isn't it amazing how our horses have that "radar" to sense where we are in the house? Sometimes I think they can see through the walls.

  5. what a lovely view. I'm so glad Royal is as well loved as he is. I think sometimes people who aren't "into" horses just think of them as big dumb animals. Those of us who know better, well....know better!

  6. Lovely garden and I love all the shrubbery makes it look lovely and cool under the eaves, what a great place to be on a warm day! It makes my heart warm when one of my horses attaches itself to me and talks to me and watches my every move, just wanting all the attention he/she can get. Great that you can see each other.

    Hope all is well with you.

  7. It looks so beautiful, so tranquil. How I would love to sit there and watch the magnificent Royal.
    He is one smart boy...good looks and brains too! Nice combination!
    Thank you for your sweet comment today...you are a very special blog friend!


  8. It's time for summer games - I've been tagged and I invite you to come visit me and see if you'd like to play too!

  9. LOL, My family thinks I'm nuts because I often sit in the extension on the couch and look at my girls. With the window open I'll call their names and they'll look up at me and give low nickers. Their ears perk up and they look up at the window to see me.

  10. Marvel - There's an award waiting for you on my blog.


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