December 18, 2008

Are You Lonely, Royal?

Our rescue horse becomes Royal's babysitter.

Thanks to all of you wonderful, fantastic, helpful friends that have made such good suggestions and have been great at just "being there" during these very long worry days/months.
This ordeal with Royal has been traumatic and we'll all be glad when it is finally over.
They say it will take him about a year for recovery, but I just can't deal with that !
I've lost count on how many times the vet has been here, how many times I felt like crying because he said things weren't going so well with Royal, and how scared I've been that I might lose my boy.

But here is the latest report on Royal.

Remember after that steroid medication (that he should not have had) and how he blew up like a fat bubble wrap boy? Well, the welts and edema are almost gone. The blood work is showing that the insulin resistance situation is improving, and his weight is getting back to normal.
We still do not know if he is really insulin resistant or if the steroid medication caused the situation. But whatever, he is being treated for IR ... and laminitis and rotation.

Tomorrow, both the vet and the farrier will be here to remove his wooden shoes and see what we have underneath. More x-rays will be taken to see what the situation is and then they'll decide what type of shoes and pads he will have put back on.

His medications have been reduced, but he is still on his diet ... much to Royal's disappointment, even though he is much thinner.
In fact, I think he looks thinner than the day I bought him. He's always been a big boy ... you know, tall, dark and handsome.

Probably the toughest past of his confinement has been being stuck in his stall. I mean, take a look at it !!
It is a constant reminder that his mom needs to get out the paintbrush and get things back in shape.

Royal pretty much just hangs around looking out the window watching dogs, cats, geese, ducks and the world go by ... and, of course, waiting for me to show up for the 45th time just to check on him. He's such a good patient.

With all the rains, he has managed to stay dry. I suppose that is the good part of being stuck in the stall.

I'm counting on good news from the vet, tomorrow.

That's all I want for Christmas ... a healthy Royal, running up and down the hill to the upper paddock and calling out to me just to be sure I know where he is.

Just couldn't ask for more ....


  1. I just came across your update.

    I'm so glad that it sounds like Royal is improving. The photo of him being comforted by his new guy friend is just precious. :o)

    What did the vet have to say about Royal at his visit? I realized this post is a few days old, so I'm really hoping you got some good news.

  2. if anyone deserves a 'miracle' with Royal, you do. This has been unreal to read about, so scary and awful. after all your good deeds with god's creatures, he has to give this, she has to give you Royal in good health. I dont think i believe in God, but if the Vet says Royal is OK, i might change my mind. I will be thinking of you. I hope it goes well.

  3. Poor Royal, I hope you get your wish for Christmas and Royal gets a good report from the vet.
    He's such a beautiful boy and a great horse. It's nice that Shadow is keeping him company. Maybe that's why this whole thing happened with Shadow, so Royal would have a companion while he recuperates.
    I'll be sending Royal and you positive thoughts tomorrow and keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck.

  4. I am so glad that Royal is doing better, and that he has Shadow to keep him company. How very trying it must all be for you. But you are a good mom, and I suspect that you saw the signs early on, and Royal will benefit from that.

    You and your creatures are a wonderful family, and I pray for the best for you all, especially during these holidays.

  5. Amzing and true... that Shadow gets to lend his new found comforting talents to Roayl!he is only giing back what you have given to him . Royal is so good, and I teared up when I read that he calls out to you...soon dear heart, he'll be back on that hill in the upper paddock!
    Hang in there..I am glad that he has YOU!

  6. With all my heart I hope you get your Christmas wish and that Royal is soon back to good health.

    Best wishes to you all

    Kim x

  7. I have been following your blog for awhile now and I love it. I enjoy your stories so much and love what you are doing on your farm; opening up your home and your hearts to those animals in need. All the warmest Christmas thoughts to you, your family and the pets in your lives. I hope Royal gets better real soon.

  8. I am so glad to hear that Royal is making progress!

  9. Sounds like very good news!

    Laminitis is a long haul.

  10. I hope he continues on his road to recovery.

  11. Oh thank goodness for an update-I've been so worried about you and Royal! What a good patient, and what a good mom!

    Hoping for an update after the vet/farrier visit and that it's GOOD news!!

    Sending many squishes and hugs all around,
    Sue and the crew

  12. Royal is such a beauty. I sure do hope and pray that he pulls through all this and can get better. At least he is a good patient. I really do hope you get your Christmas wish.

  13. This photo of the two horses is wonderful. It does feel like it takes forever for these equine illnesses to heal, but I think you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. It's clear that Royal can feel all the love around him, and that will definitely help to make him better faster. I hope your Christmas wishes all come true.

  14. It's nice that Royal goes better. Hope it will go on and he'll be able to run with his new shoes.
    HAve a good Christmas !

  15. Shadow has a job to do now then, but what a pity that Royal had to get sick first. My daughter's mare came back off loan horrendously fat (your lad looked in super condition) and had transit laminitis following the journey. I spent two months dieting her on box rest, and after she came off the Phenylbutazone (pain relief) I had to walk her daily, starting short ten minute walks and then gradually building it up. We were fortunate in that we caught it as it happened, and it wasn't caused or aggravated by inapropriate medication. I've never heard of messing around with thyroid/insulin medicines to cause rapid weight loss. Here the conventional treatment for rotation is something called a lily-pad, which supports the rotation. My farrier works hand in glove with the local vets and even performs hoof operations as the vets acknowledge that he has specialist knowledge. They (vet) are there of course to provide the complete sedation and the operation happens at their premises.

    I hope and pray that the news from now on is good for Royal - that would be the best Christmas gift ever, right?

  16. So sorry to hear about your Royal heart goes out to you. I know the stress when our beloved equines are injured or in pain. I'm curious to hear more about what they think caused this. It seems coincidental that he would be insulin reistant at the same time he was administered steroids.
    Regardless, I know he has the best care and love he can get. My Boy and I will be sending out positive vibes for you guys!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

  17. You CAN do it! Be strong for Royal! And, yes, I, too will be sending positive thoughts your way! Hang in there! I wish you and Royal all the best.

  18. Just playing catchup again Marvel, and am hoping that things are much improved since this post was made, it is very distressing when our animals are in pain and you are doing everything that you can to help him so believe me I et he is glad to be able to just stnd on his soft sawdust and snooze the days away especially since his buddy checks in on him from time to time, that is so cool. Horses are herd animals and I get so sad when I see single horses in pastures, I wonder how lonely they must feel.

    Keep your chin up girl and hope for an update soon. Hug and rubs for the two boys

  19. Oh wow have you been through so much of late! Poor Royal..sweet boy that he is, beautiful baby. Perhaps it was meant to be that Shadow would be there for Royal...
    I know how stressful this time must have been. I will keep you all in thought, heart and prayer.
    Please give thjose sweet babies a kiss from me.


  20. What a lovely blog you have. I so enjoyed reading about your animals and farm. I grew up in Newport Beach, so your photos of Balboa Island was like a trip to home. Thanks.

    Cheers, Laurel Ann

  21. I am so glad to have found your blogs and I wish the best for Royal on his road to recovery.

    I found Simply Marvelous when searching for photos of Secretariat. Thank you for writing and sharing your love of horses with others.

    God Bless,


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