February 16, 2009

Great News and We're Celebrating !

Royal is out of his stall !

It has been a long time since I've given an update on Royal. However, today I finally checked in and saw the wonderful notes you have left for me ... cheering us on!
Thank you so much!

The last time I wrote I was waiting for the arrival of the vet ... and hoping for good news. But things didn't work out that way.

So much has happened since ... but I just couldn't write about it.

My Christmas wish was for Royal to be healthy and happy, again. Unfortunately, everything that could go bad ... did.

However, Valentine's Day was the big day around here. We are celebrating now!

Royal is out of his stall, wandering around the passageway ... and feeling good.

Royal's first steps were slow and easy,
but he was one happy fellow just to be out.

We had to block off the path to the upper hill.
One never knows what ideas a happy horse might have.

And, yes, we were finally able to remove the wooden clogs.

Here is a photo taken from a website
for anyone not familiar with these clogs.

Royal is now wearing therapy shoes, which he seems to think are quite comfortable. The latest x-rays showed things are looking good.
Royal's blood work is perfect, he is not insulin resistant and the laminitis is under control. Finally, the effects of the steroid overdose are believed to be gone. Royal has finally taken a turn for the ... good!

It will be quite awhile before he is romping up and down the hillside, or prancing his way to the arena ... but I fully believe those days are ahead for him.

In the meantime, when it isn't raining, Royal is enjoying every ray of sunshine that comes his way. We're taking it a day at a time and counting our blessings.

Life is looking good and
... I've got my boy back!


  1. What wonderful news! He looks happy too.

  2. So very glad to hear that and I'm glad to see those shoes/clogs worked! Royal is a special horse and he's sure lucky to have you as his owner.

  3. Sweet and refreshing news, to be sure!
    I am so happy that you came back with those morsels..your joy abounds .
    Royal the beauty Will romp again!
    I have a smile in my heart for you !

  4. Thank goodness! SO glad to read that Royal is up and around. That is a very special way to spend Valentine's Day.


  5. Yay!

    I am glad for Royal and for you. Hoping to hear more good news from your out your way.

    Best wishes,


  6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! That is GREAT news! I hope things keep on an upswing!

  7. Yay Royal! Is it so good to see him out and about and finally on the road to a full recovery. I can't imagine what troopers you and he have both been. Glad you are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

  8. What wonderful news! I am so happy for both of you - and what a grand Valentine's Day gift!! Keep up the good work, I'm sure the exercise will do him good.

  9. It's such a relief to hear that Royal is doing well. I'm sure it's been hard going for you all, what with the worries and treatments. Glad you've been able to post good news I'm so happy for you all. Keep the good posts coming with Royal's updates. Can't wait to see him prancing up the hill.

  10. Oh that's wonderful! I'm really happy Royal is doing better, what a beautiful horse!

  11. I've been checking in here over and over, hoping and praying for this post. How great that your beautiful boy is on the mend! And such good news that he's not insulin resistant. You must be so relieved. Lots of hugs to you, Royal, your husband and all the other members of your family - two and four legged. How is Shadow doing?

  12. I just checked in 2 days ago to make sure I had not missed an update.

    Whew. What a relief good news is.

    Pats to Royal and hugs to you!


  14. I've been lurking around for a while now- hoping for an update... Im so glad for the good news, how thrilling to finally have some steps in the right direction! Yahooooo

  15. Yea! What good news! Royal is such a beautiful boy. With the fanciest shoes on the block, no doubt! ;)

  16. HOORAY! I am SO pleased for you. Things certainly got worse before they got better, but the clogs sound to have done the trick. He looks happy and I bet you are ecstatic! Jennie xx

  17. This brings tears of Joy to my eyes! Thank Heavens!
    Hip Hip Hooray For Royal!
    Keep getting well each and every day!

  18. I'm happy to learn the steroids effects are gone. Royal is in a good way. He looks happy.

  19. What wonderful news, I'm so glad that he is on the mend and in the fullness of time will fully recover.

    Sending you all a big hug

  20. Yay, I'm glad you have good news and you have Royal back and on the mend.
    He is a beauty.

  21. He looks amazing! And I am so glad he is feeling better. I am so very happy for you.

  22. How wonderful to read this news. Royal looks great!

  23. Glad your boy is doing better! He looks like he's being a trooper.

  24. This is great news, I'm so glad that things are looking up for Royal.

  25. That's really good news! Glad he's finally on the mend and doing well. Must have been really scary for sometime! So glad Royal is OK!

  26. Fantastic news, Strawberry. I'm so pleased, relieved and happy for you all. Well done Royal and well done you for your care and attention.

    Lots of love

    Kim x

  27. I have been checking back periodically for any news and was so glad to hear your update and that it is positive. These animals can give us so much pain and pleasure can't they.

    How is your other charge doing? Sorry can't remember his name, my mind is a mush LOL. Looking forward to more updates and very happy he is feeling better.

  28. Dear Marvel~Can we get an update
    on ROYAL and YOU?....VESPERS

  29. How are you getting along now?

  30. Oh that is fantastic news! He looks brilliant.

    Best wishes to all, hugs from Meg and cats xxx

  31. Hi Marvel! There is an "Honest Scrap" meme waiting for you to pick up at my blog. (I hope you don't mind; it will be a first and last.)

    Hope you all are doing well!


  32. Awwwww! I've got the warm fuzzies now. It's been so long. I've been thinking about Royal wondering how he's been doing.

    I'm so happy that he's doing better now. He sure looks good. He's absolutely gorgeous!!

    Yes indeed! Great news and a time to celebrate!!


  33. I am just thrilled for you! I have lept Royal in my thoughts andheart and prayers. I know you are just so happy, so relieved. You go Royal you handsome boy you!



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